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Hi everyone

Thought it was time to write a catch up blog as I've been quiet for a while. Have been having a mixed sort of time. Fibro is very bad at the moment and is testing me sorely. I did try going back to the gym but has started a flare up.

Have been having problems with my counsellor. She upset me very much a few weeks ago by calling me a victim and being full of self pity. I reacted very badly and told her I was not prepared to hear that sort of stuff. It hurt a lot. I sent her a letter cancelling any further counselling. Now I'm questioning myself and am feeling very down. I've just had email from her asking me to go back so we can talk about it and she wants her money as she expects two weeks paid notice. I've given her one week but am not happy about giving her the full amount. I don't know what to do. Do I go back and work through it with her? But I've lost my trust in her. I don't think I can cope with counselling,I don't think it's the way forward for me,I find it too confusing with my foggy brain.i also feel awful after I've been,have been going for over a year now and I don't feel any further forward.

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Paying for anything that makes you feel worse is in my opinion not a good thing ..... You should be able to get councelling for free from your GP I did .... Mind you it was a good 10 years ago so funding may have changed ... But I wouldn't have thought so for something as important as this.... You have tried the gym and it made you flare so you stopped I would treat your councellor the same .....

Please go see your GP and ask if he can get you some councelling

VG x


I've had counselling through our surgery,it was a strange process the counsellor just gave out info and leaflets on what could help you. I don't think counselling is the answer for me. I'm now trying some hypnotherapy . Trouble is that's expensive too but I'm hoping it will have a quicker effect. i tried it a few years ago with better results,wishi had just stuck with that instead of starting the counselling,you live and learn.I just want to feel more balanced in myself. Onward with the battle!


I agree with VG, Teddysmum. Why pay to be made to feel worse?

Do bear in mind, tho', that a good counsellor will make you feel uncomfortable at times, by questioning the way you think. It shouldn't cause a major upset, tho - that's unfair on someone who is already feeling low.

It might be better if you asked your GP about CBT, which to my way of thinking is the best talking therapy available. I believe that you can get this free in most areas, but you would have to ask.

It's good that you are taking positive moves towards recovery, tho' - it's a big step up the ladder :)

Moffy x


Hello? She called you a victim? Whaaaaat? And now she wants you to go back for more of the same? In my opinion, if you go back, you'll prove her right - you will be a victim of her lack of professionalism! She can expect two weeks paid notice from you, but you can expect a professional service from her, and if she has broken her side of the contract, you're not bound to keep yours!

I agree with the comments above. Find someone reputable who can help you.

Good luck with it - don't allow yourself to be intimidated into something that isn't right for you!



Hi I have had counciling therapy free from doctors had to wait for a couple of months though and you get 6/8 weeks counciling mine was very good did make me upset at times but was not nasty I have had 2 or3 lots but its me that has got to change the way my family treats me and just are not ready or brave anoghth to do so this is what is courseing my depression the way I am treated as if I'm the child in the house and I come last its very hard to change hope this helps but do go and see if u can get counciling from your go x hugs cherokee


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