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Hi everyone

Hi everyone, thank you all for your earlier well wishes, I've had my cataracts done and everything ok, I had a hiccup with first eye but alls ok now infact I have been discharged from eye clinic, so now I can read all posts without squinting and getting eye strain headaches, lol. I'm still very ill and at the moment can hardly move, back and hip has gone, will be seeing doc this morning, hope you all reasonably well and those that are new welcome to our fab loving laughter friendly fibro club, ...before I go I would like to ask you all to send a prayer and well wishes to our fibro friend, And my very dear friend Lynn aka Betty baby I think but she has daffodils on her icon, she is a very sick lady and doesn't deserve any of what she is going thru.....sending you all gentle hugs and throwing you all a huge handful of sunshine......Dee xxx

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Dee my lovely will do I love the though of tossing sunshine at peoples. Sorry to here Betty is so poorley at the moment, Sending her buckets full of gentle healing kisses, :) Heaps of hugs and smiles to you:) :) :) xxGins


Thank you gins, I have to get ready for docs shortly, I have often read your post and all the others and new fibro friends and have longed to give an answer but just wasn't ready to maybe continue once I had introduced myself , do love your dog gins she is sooooo cute we have two now I will try to out photo up later on if I can remember lol, take gins catch u later xxxgentle hugs to you xxxxxDee :) :)


Bless you gins, for your kind concern & your buckets full of gentle healing kisses, I caught them just today (Tuesday). Very thoughtful of you & much appreciated by me! I hope you are keeping well yourself?

I often have a peak on Fibro but just too ill @ moment with other serious ailments, Plus of course the Fibro which never leaves us.

Who knows one day I may be well enough to return, lets hope as I do miss you all! I love your dog by the way, my son bought exactly the same puppie around about the time you did, so cute & cuddly!

Sending you (((Gentle Hugs))) & kisses.

Grateful thanks Lynn xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ DEE }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Oh you have just made my day, seeing you again :-) :-) :-) I have missed you so so much and been so worried about you I can't say !! But hoorah, you are back with us :-) :-)

I have been away in Kos for a week so missed your return, you must have thought me very rude for not responding, so please forgive, the wi-fi out there wasn't great and on Wednesday morning last week there was no internet connection on the whole of Kos for over four hours, everyone was very panicy :o

I hold Lynn in my prayers every day (as I did you) and know sadly how very unwell she is, please send her my great love if you speak and no she certainly doesn't deserve the agonies she goes through.

I so hope you are able to get some help yourself this morning and I will be sending loads of positive vibes your way :-) :-) Oh Dee - it is just so good to see you again. Will pm you later today :-) :-)

Foggy x


Lalalala Foggy as ever ....... This IS your first time back......so even more reason for great rejoicing.

Huge amounts of positive vibes are on their way to you in a vast lorry, which will teleport and arrive with you in......about two mins :-) :-)

Foggy xx


Thank you foggy, hope u had great time in Kos, who did u go with, hope the holiday has done you some good and you feel really refreshed, catch u later gotta ready shortly for the doc ..xxxgentle hugsxx


Hi Dee :-) I went with my twin brother's ex-wife. She had been brilliant with my father for years before he died and she was like the daughter I couldn't be to him. She also has supported the idiotic brother, ( I'm sure you will recall some of his foibles I've mentioned) since my father's death, which wasn't necessary and she has put up with so much rubbish from him, he takes control freakery to a whole different level :o

Anyway, she hadn't had a proper holiday for two years so, with some of the pennies my father left (the rest of which is tied up in Trust for me lalala) I asked if she would join me and she gave in in the end (because I insisted on paying for her which she didn't want). but Dee she so so deserved it and my twin has no idea about it whatsoever and incredibly he only sent two texts to her whilst we were away, once to tell her about the new expected Royal baby :-) and a second with nothing but two sad faces :o He is desperate to get her back but nothing on God's earth would persuade her too - which is exactly the right decision. Sadly because of my Trust it means she can't sever all contact which she would like to (she is also one of the Trustees) but hopefully the brother will do what we all think he will and the problem will then be self solving. Can't go into it here, but will PM you :-) :-)

Oh Dee you have really made my day by coming back :-) I have missed you hugely as have so many others of us :-( It is just so so good to see you again 9?;6}#_'yi. <---- my fingers doing a happy dance :-) :-)

Foggy x


Bless you Foggy for your kind thoughts & prayers, very much appreciated. I hope/pray you enjoyed your holiday @ Kos & you have returned afresh, ready to face the Winter ahead? I hope you are keeping well yourself.

Grateful thanks

God Bless

(((Gentle Hugs))) Lynn xx


{{{{{{{{{{Lynn}}}}}}}}}}. You have made my day :-) :-) :-)

I most certainly did and received so many blessings along the way. Yes I feel almost like a different person, I was so so nervous about actually going, I very nearly pulled out this time last week, but good Welsh friends in front of my cottage, Gwyn and Mandy, stopped my panic attack and reassured me, even took me to the station and then once I met up with Karen all things just seemed to slot into place nicely, like they do as you know yourself :-)

The week there was gorgeous, apart from Karen having a nasty fall in a ten minutes downpour, she slipped and hurt herself, you would have been in little pieces my love :-( We had a f a b u l o u s time and not even the merest hint of irritation on either part, which was great. We laughed, we spoke a lot about the Jonathan situation which made me laugh at points, but cry at many more, but it was just so so relaxing, bliss. I can't begin to explain it in the way it deserves, but oh it was everything I had hoped for and more besides :-) I got to swim in the sea, which was like a tepid bath, no squeaks on squeals needed as the water met the tummy area, and to cut a long story short, I eventually came in having lost my sunglasses when a wave went right over the top of me, but within three dives in the azure blue clear water, I had them back and as I came back towards the shore apparently a dolphin appeared and leapt in the wave behind me, I was completely unaware until I got back on to the beach and everyone was amazed to have seen me swimming, quite a way out with the dolphin behind me and they congratulated me, not sure why I needed congratulations, though thinking on it, it has been a long held dream of my to swim with dolphins, sadly though I didn't realise it was happening until too late.

Oh Lynn how lovely to see you again :-)

I will PM you :-)

Muchly Foggy x


Hi Foggy, Thank you so much for your kind reply. I am so pleased you enjoyed your well deserved holiday & returned afresh to face whatever He puts in front of us?! I"d love to swim with the dolphins , one of my dreams before I depart this earth! :)

Bless you for replying to me, considering I have not been in contact with you for such a long time, you must think me awfully rude!

I am going through extremely rough time of things for quite a while now, both physically & mentally! I actually feel as if I am dying on my feet over the past few months! Hence me not being on Site. Isolating myself, extremely fearful what the future may hold as not had best of news regarding my health!

Good to hear from you Foggy.

Take Care

God Bless

(((Gentle hugs)))

Lynn XX :)


Oh my dear Lynn, I am so so sorry you are still having to go through such hard times. I apologise most sincerely for not having been in touch for so long, I will explain all !

I can't bear to think of you dying on your feet, I know the feeling but you have strength my friend and you must fight as hard as you possibly can. It would be such a sad thing for you to surcumb to our enemy, I can hardly bear to think of it :-( :-(

I think you forget how special you are and how much you would be missed by so so many people . Please hold on to that and try bit by bit to try and replenish yourself . There is so much I want to say to you, but here is not the place, but I will be in touch to explain what I mean.

I am sending lots of <^> <^> <^> <^> <^> <^> <^> to guard you! together with lots of positive and healing vibes :-)

Muchly Foggy x


Hi Cookie72

Firstly, welcome home! We have all missed you terribly and I am so sad that you are still feeling poorly and I genuinely want to wish you a full and speedy recovery!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Morning Ken and thank you it's good to be back I'm still having to keep going back to bed as can't stand for long, but I'll get there apparently I have inflamed muscles which in turn is causing all the pain when I move in certain positions, but I figure it's best to keep moving then resting, gets the blood circulating and stops clits doesn't it...how are you my good friend...there are so many new names aren't there, hopefully catch u later take care my friend gentle hugs, and hand full of sunshine, by the way like your new title u have earn't it xxDeexx


Thanks my friend, I can imagine that it will take you some time to get back to where you were? So please take care!

I am not too bad thanks, keep plodding along.

Ken x x


Hi Dee, Wonderful your back on Site, Well Done You! I"ve only just saw this myself, so apologies for late reply. I hope your feeling a little better today, especially with your hip & back. I would just like to Thank You from the bottom of my heart for including me in your Post. Bless you for your kindness.

(((Gentle hugs)))

Love Lynn XX<3XX

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Hi {{{{{{{ Dee }}}}}}}} fluffies and smiles for you my dear friend I have only just seen your post.

It is so lovely to hear from you and hope you'll be here for fibro hibernation club when it starts again soon :)

{{{{{{{{{{{ Betty Baby }}}}}}}}}}}}}} fluffies and smiles for you too my friend and sorry to hear you're so poorly.

Wishing you both wellness

xxx sian :)


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