hi just wondered if any one else has tried the fentanly transdemal patch, my dr put me on this as well as my pregabilin and tramadol. they also gave me promethizine to help me sleep . so just wondering if this works, i have it for ostio in hips and fibro xx

also my friend has numbness in her kegs and she said its going up in to her back and she wonders if any other fibro sufferer has had this, she has no acess to a computer

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  • Hi Debz66 I am on Fentynl patches and naproxen and amitryptoline also on oromoph which seem to be working for me, as to the numbness your friend has I personally have only had that in my hand but it comes and goes I had carpel tunnel in my wrists at the time which seems to be returning, does your friend have axcess to a Iphone, I use my BlackBerry cos oh is always on our comp, gentle hugs. Sithy

  • I am desperate for stronger pain relief. I take Zapain which is paracetamol and codeine together diazepam but it never takes the pain completely away.

    I want my GP to give me orimorph but he won't. Every single day I suffer with pain, someone please help me

  • Only thing I can say about your Dr is to keep asking or see another GP if you can you may have better luck with them sorry your hurting as you can tell I'm having a lousy night to,gentle hugs. Sithy

  • I've recently started on these after developing allergic reaction to the butrans patches. They very quickly made a real difference, in that I can do more, generally feel better.

    Your friend? I think she should see a dr. I have similar symptoms, but it has just occurred to me may not be just fm, could be related to badly controlled diabetes, or fluid retention, or 1,001 other conditions!

  • hi there im new to this site but i read your comment on fentanyl patches im on those patches im on the 75mg patch they great for pain relief but the only problem i have with them is that everytime i change my patch im awake all night i dont sleep that good but to spend the whole night awake is that it drains me totaly if this is just me i would like to know if anyone else has the same prob

  • I was on the patch for 8yrs just went off 100 mg as i was back in pain. The patches take 24 hrs to work i would cleave rhe ild one on till the new one kicked in. Dont know if this wascorrect way but did work for me. Am on dilidid now not really doingthejob my quality of life is lower also just had 3 surgeries mainly preferred bowel which has keft mewith a colestomy bag fun fun very depressed almost died wasin a coma for4 days. Its struggle sometumes i wonder. Surgeon feels tbe duragesic patch did this to me i wishi knew

  • why wont gps prescribe fentanyl patches every gp in my surgery say no ????

  • i had to stop the patch ,they were fab for pain relief but the side effects were awful i was sick,dizzy ,sleeping all the time an ditching . shame as they are just what i needed.

    i will tell my friend that a lot of people dont have the numbness in the legs .ty xx

  • Please Please Please DO NOT even consider. Any GP that prescribes it for anything under end of life should be struck off. I was on Fentanyl 50mg for 5 years. It took the whole of last winter to withdraw slowly using Oramorph to help the withdrawal. Then I had to withdraw from the Oramorph.

    You are drip feeding yourself Heroin when you put Fentanyl patches on- Regards Kenneth UK

  • Hi have you the same profile as me ? As I didn't write this

  • I have fibromyalgia and about 4 years ago everywhere I got bad pain I went numb, not deep but it felt weird. I now only have a few patches that I can still feel. The worst being my lips.. Doctors can't tell me why or do anything for me. Anything they can't cure with a pill they give up on, or so it seems.

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