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Sorry everyone!

Just writing to apologise to everyone for not replying to every individual person, I have some and not to others, not because I find their answer helpless, but because my arms start to ache trying to write that much, so I hope no one was offended!

These past few days haven't been so good, I've been in a lot of pain with my legs, I literally feel like I have been hit by a bus, this has made me very worn out, I feel 70, not 18!! I've also been stressing because I had a medical assessment on Sunday just gone (stupid day to for them to make) And I missed it because the good old fibro was playing up again! I'm just scared that they might decide I am fit and well enough for work, when I'm generally not, most days I wake up and I can just about go from my bedroom to the lounge, and I live in a flat, so it's from one door to another! I've also got my nan moving house, and my brother moving out, so the stress of helping them both out has well and truly taken it's toll! Plus I've got my driving test coming up, so I'm stressing about that, whether I'll pass or not (very nervous!) So everything has been a bit much lately, this is why I haven't managed to reply to everyone, but thank you all for your kind words and advice, it's been a big help! And I hope you're all as well as you can be :)

Emma x

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Bless you Emma. Life is full of enough stresses at any age but at your tender years its cruel that you have to cope with this evil disability too,but you sound like you have a wise head on your shoulders. Please dont apopogise to people for not replying to them or thanking them when they have helped you, one thing you will soon learn about this fibro family is that we all understand because we are all in the same boat hunni, so nothing is expected like that, as long as now we know you are here, if you could just fill us all in from time to time, just so we all know youre ok and still out there lol!

Also, good luck with your impending driving test, i took mine when i was around your age and it truly is mind over matter.Get up in plenty of time on the day,make yourself relax,watch ainstructional clip on you tube and deep, breaths. I have a lovely friend who is a driving examiner and she says 90% of people who fail, fail cos of nerves and she says an examiner would much rather you stop and say "Im sorry, im nervous, may i please start again" if you are doing a tricky manouvre, rather than carry on when they both know they aremaking a total has of it. She said shes never known an examiner to refuse a learner to start the manouvre again, so i hope that helps. Keep smiling beautiful and gentle hugs to you...Charlii xx


Aw, thank you Charlii :) That's put my mind at rest a bit! My test is on the 12th of March, and I'm already stressing about it! My driving instructor is very good, she's always looking out for my health, for eg, when we're in traffic and my leg is hurting from keeping it on the clutch, she offers to do it for me, but I refuse because when I start driving on my own, there won't be anyone there to do the clutch for me! Lol.. She's said the same as you, the only reason some of her pupils have failed is either because of nerves or they don't have an examiner who makes them feel comfortable (some of them can be quite rude!) But I'll be sure to fully prepare myself and try to relax as much as I can, and hopefully I come on here the next day and tell you all that I have passed :)

Take care. Emma xx


i was at the end of my tether and i wrote on my blog and i got so many repls. don,t worry about replying to every one we are there for you and well understand what you are going take care sending you lots og hugs


Oh bless you, I haven't come across your blog yet, but I hope you're much better now! I'm sure like you've said, after writing your blog and seeing that everyone cares for you, has made you feel better than you did! I'm always here, just like everyone else is, if you ever need any advice, or for someone to just talk to :)

I hope you're well! Emma xx


Hi Emma, :)

Please don't worry - you sound a lot like me getting stressed up about not replying to everyone. Sometimes I'll be so determined to reply it can take me weeks to do so! People on here understand because we're all in the same bout basically and can't be online all the time. Sometimes I do a summery thanking the list of people who commented - although that can be kinda tiring too - making sure no one is forgotton! Sometimes I just say, 'thanks everyone, you all know who are' and that makes me feel better.

I have been blogging a lot recently because I'm feeling really overwhelmed by exam stress basically - and my teachers think I'm like any other normal student. I'm no where near that. Especially not now - and recently - after thinking I had accepted this condition I have seen other healthy 18 year olds and it's like getting a 'glimpse' of my other life seeing as I mix with them all the time. I've only recently started to feel that way. Thing is, I'm ok with blogging but having trouble with reading, which is probably why I blog more than post comments.

I worry more about what I've written in my blogs really - a lot of it is about feeling like the others around me don't understand (which makes sense) and includes my parents. I don't want people thinking I'm resentful towards my parents because I'm not - but I think that's how it comes across sometimes. Now I'm panicking about my 'reputation' on the site. Probably me being silly.

I hope you manage to have a good day today. :) I have taken a few days of recently and I'm starting to feel better.

((( hug ))) xxxx



Good Luck on your Driving test :D xx


Emma you don't have to worry about replying to all messages, just send a general message on this thread and everyone will see it, much easier. No need to reply to every single reply you get, we'd all be snowed under if we did that and sometimes it's too much energy, so please don't worry.

Wishing you all the best for your driving test, good luck! :)

Best wishes and hugs. xx



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