Carbs & Choc! :-(( Am I a freak??

My fibro is so dreadful at the moment! Extreme pain all over, can't put one foot in front of the other! Can't lift my arms it's sooo painful! :-( even moving my eyes hurts! Having to work as I don't get paid! (Only SSP!) :-( wanted to ask everyone, once I've cooked evening meal for my autistic son I don't have the physical energy and in so much pain to stand and sort myself a meal out so I just seem to be eating/craving bread, biscuits & Choc (and some fruit) !! Am I normal or freaky???....

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  • Well according to me you are perfectly normal , I also crave bread biscuits and chocolate, but I know what causes mine my night time meds..... With them I crave the above without I don't , I lose weight , but I also don't sleep , so I take my meds and get my son who is also autistic to be the chocolate guard ... He loves rules so I told him it was a rule not to let me eat more than a couple of biscuits or small bit of chocolate a day and he loves enforcing it

    VG x

  • Maybe cook yourself and son a meal together and that way your not cooking twice...nice big easy pasta dish with plenty of carbs in the mix...we all eat together and it makes for a far more social time when we all find out about each others day...maybe finish with a yummy choc moose for afters....I crave too and yes its normal to me..

    I've just been signed off work for 2 weeks today and more if I need it, I'm SSP only too though I feel so wrotten that I just will have to ride it out as I think if I don't take time off I will end up in hospital..also finally gave in to the anti depressants with the hope they will help me sleep and feel better...

  • I crave chocolate too all the time, it's the only thing that doesn't hurt my Fibro and is guaranteed to make me feel better. I have to have white chocolate though because the cocoa solids in brown chocolate give me horrific migraines, the cocoa butter in white chocolate is fine! It's more expensive than brown chocolate as I like the Swiss white and not the childrens' white chocolate, I am craving some now! ;) :P

  • I buy fruit & veg, my freezer is full of food too but I just can't do it! Even if I do cook something it usually gets thrown out after a couple of mouthfuls. Chocolate raisins are my main food! Well,they are fruit!!!

    Actually it has got a more serious side, when I'm in a lot of pain, I can't co-ordinate what I want to do & burn food, or forget to turn the hob off, or even on sometimes & I am lethal with the knife! I'm putting on so much weight but the lure of the choccy bar/s is too much to resist.xx

  • I have found recently that I am hungry all the time but when I sit down to eat I can only manage a few mouthfuls. When visiting the nurse for my check-up for registration at a new GP practice yesterday discovered I have lost a stone in weight since my last check up. Not been dieting so was quite a shock. I have also found lately that I am craving chocolate and have rediscovered penguin biscuits ! They are so much smaller now that I can justify having 2 to conpensate for this lol.

  • i am glad other people are the same as me. for the last 8 weeks or so i have not eaten an evening meal with the exception of a couple. i have also made them and then not wanted to eat them. at the moment about 8pm i want crisp, chocolate and midget gems x

  • I have to admit I don't eat a 'proper' meal. I live on my own and I find it too much hassle to cook for myself, also sometimes I just can't be bothered! I buy ready meals from Sainsbury's - Indian mainly as I'm a low carber, and also their tinned ready meals, again mainly curry and stewed steak. I sometimes treat myself to a McDonalds or a Burger King as it's too easy and close by. I have T2 diabetes but I still eat chocolate! Life would not be worth living without chocolate!! My favourite is Cadbury's and I keep it as a treat in the evening. A little of what you fancy does no harm! We're only here the once so ENJOY!!!!

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