Wiped out - And I've not done much of anything!

Wiped out - And I've not done much of anything!

Hello my darling fibromites! Gentle hugs to you all.

For the past 24 hours or more I've been more than feeling the bleuch that is the "norm" with Fibro - I've been more wiped out with exhaustion, pain and stiffness et al, that I've never had before. I've not overdone things- in fact I've not really done much more than breathe deeply to avoid a panic attack that came out of nowhere! Fibro Fog - Perhaps it blacked/blocked me out at some point last night and whatever I did beforehand - could be the price I'm paying now? I truly do not feel well with it all - today has flown by in a complete blur - and apart from needing use of the downstairs Throne and getting some iced water to drink - I've been attached to the sofa - and dozed on and off all day.

Not only has all this been getting to me and making me feel I am going nutsy - I also feel as if I am not in my own body completely - the whole 24 hours (and counting) is really unnerving what there is left of me, that Fibro as not stolen yet. - Mind you - with how Fibro Fog messes us about? It's probably taken the last shreds of the me that was! :'-(

I will read and respond as I see needed, to the 40+ mails from blogs on the site when I feel a lot more with it. For now I'm going to stay on the sofa for the night and sleep - if I can.

Love to you all,

Carol xx

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  • Thankees rosehip - right back at ya! Still feel as BLEUCH today GRRRR!

    Love Carol xx

  • Love the teddies! Hope you feel better really soon Carol, take care and see you around the forum soon! :) :)

  • Hello LibbyDe, Gentle hugs and thankees! Will be back on board the bus ASAP! :-)


    Carol xx

  • fibromites lol. I love it!

    sending you gentle hugs. hope today has been better for you. this condition steals so much from us. I feel off me trolley half the time and spaced out the other...:-/ ho hum...

  • Hello Sammicat,

    Hehehe - Fibromites is much nicer than the proper name given to us and fellow sufferers - Fibromyalgics! YUCKY! Still as iffy today as yesterday - slept the day away on the sofa.

    The only thing our condition has not stolen from me? Is my sense of humour - if it ever takes that - then I will have lost to Fibro - And HE is NOT taking what makes my life happier (apart from my Daughter, S.I.L. and Grandson that is) Hah! I'm already off my trolley! :-P And that was long before Fibro took hold! :-D

    Gentle hugs,


    Carol xx

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