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I've finally lost my mind!

On and off over the past month I've woken up screaming that something has just bitten me. It feels like sharp little teeth have just clamped on to my foot, something like a mouse. A search of the bed and room proves fruitless and my husbands examination of my foot shows no evidence of a bite.

I have been diagnosed with fybromyalgia for about seven years, I also have problems with my spine, prolapsed discs, scoliosis, arthritis and hydrated discs. I have sciatica in my left leg and have been waiting six months for surgery on my back to remove the discs that are causing pressure on the sciatic nerve. I am trying to keep working so my mind is active.

Has anyone else experienced anything like this, or is it another little nugget of madness that has no explanation ?

This is my first post and I feel like I've written too much! Sorry, just want to provide as much information as possible.

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I get it in my legs and feet. My doctor said its neuropathy. It can occur with fibro. I have diabetes also.

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Thanks, I've looked at various symptom checkers and diabetes jumps out. My dentist said small spots on my tongue could point to diabetes. She added that she didn't think I would be unlucky enough to add another illness to my list. Luck though has never been my middle name. I've also recently started craving chocolate which is against my nature. I've never had a sweet tooth. Not sure if this is connected.

As with a mountain of other weird and wonderful symptoms it is probably fybromyalgia related.


Peeing a lot is a sign of diabetes


I can assure that when pain wakes you your mind races albeit briefly whilst you seek a reason for the pain, when you feel like this your thoughts are not rational at the time. I often wake with sudden pain it is usually a muscle spasm, if you become concerned do see your GP some meds can cause confusion. Wishing you all the best. Lou xx


Thanks for your helpful reply. I have suffered episodes of hallucinating due to medication. I hand to stop taking Amotryptoline because of glass spiders and pink swirls dropping from my bedroom ceiling. I woke my husband up several times begging him to catch the spiders.

It feels good to share this madness with people who get what you are talking about. My family and friends just laugh when I share what's going on in my fybro world. As if the constant pain and chronic fatigue isn't enough!!

It's a good job I'm self employed or I would get sacked!!


I am so sorry to read this, and I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck wit finding the answers that you are looking for.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Welcome to the site Imdone, This is a great venue for chatting and talking over our problems. There are many of us sadly but we try to beat fibro with fun an friendship sharing ou knowledge as we go.

Do have a lookst really helpful information and web addresses that can assist us.

I am just of to open the Coffee slot do come on in



You don't say whether you've actually been tested for diabetes. If not, I'd suggest starting there. Not everything is related to fibro. You can have multiple conditions. I'd say it's time to talk to your doctor and get your blood sugars tested if you have not already.


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