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Thoughts before I go to bed .... from planet fog brain

Thoughts before I go to bed .... from planet fog brain

I have to go to work tomorrow. I have struggled a bit with fibro fog today; so who knows how it will turn out!!! At least the foggy words that fall out of my mouth on such days raises smiles amongst others. I realised that I sent my nephew a birthday card for what I thought was his 18th birthday when he is in fact 20!!!! I hope he see's the funny side. something he would expect of his Grandma, but not of his Aunty who is the youngest sibling!!

So I am having to make sure I write down all the little things I have to do, because I clearly cannot hold onto these thoughts for any more that a few minutes ; ) lol

On my to list - includes get up, get dressed, brush hair, walk dog, have breakfast, get changed for work ..... oh my I'm exhausted already..........

I'll just have to trust myself, believe in myself and be kind to myself :-) good night all!

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Lol damn fibro fog its a bloody nuisance!! but as you said it can give others a good laugh so at least a conversation with us is never dull :-) Good nite and best wishes for a restful sleep. Heres hoping you wake up refreshed focused and able to manage your day at work take care and warm hugs from belfast xx



Thankyou for making me smile! Love the lists they are so poignant i will give it a try myself! Hugs Della xxx


Grrrr typed you a nice reply then forgot to press submit comment... Gahh it was something about a list and at least your nephew got a card and I need lists ... Now it seems I have to add press submit comment to my list

Good luck



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