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Where do I go from here ?

I filled I the dreaded form ages ago and the result came back last Autumn that I had been placed in the WRAG group....forward a few weeks and an appointment at my local job centre, I went as asked and was greeted (much to my surprise ) by a very understanding lady who took one look at me and instantly decided a reassessment was the only way forward. A week ago, when I was about as low as I have been in years, on the mat arrives the scintillating news that I am infact completely fit for to me, my therapist and pain control team. I imagine the next stage is to go to appeal, but I wonder if anyone could tell me what this entails, I have so little energy and feel completely overwhelmed by the just the the thought of having to go before a panel of people (if that's what it is) to justify a complaint I have had for well over 30 years, on top of fibro I have had anorexia since the age of 11 and now, as a result, considerable osteoporosis and a couple of spinal compression factors as a result. I suppose I've made my bed so I must lie in it, but why is it that we have to justify being ill, when we have been logged medically for so many years, and yet a section of society seems to get away with so much, when they don't struggle with the things we do,

Any insights or advice would be very much appreciated .

Foggily.....f...iest x

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I had my medical in March last year was only awarded 6 points so am appealing been waiting for a date since November , Try not to worry take someone from money matters to go with you ! The panel is a doctor and a judge usually retired take your medication with you and just answer the questions they ask !!! Good luck they have a back log of people to see so don't worry if they take time ! x


Hello Fibrofoggiest,

If you haven't done so already FibroAction can send out the Benefits & Work Guides for free if you email: . They contain information on benefits, appeals and medicals.

Here's a link to the Benefits & Work site

I hope this is of help



Thank you so much Mdaisy, I will bustle off and inspect that site, thank you for taking the time to answer.

Muchly F.....iest


No worries glad to help :)


Thank you so much for your reply mizserine. Do you happen by any chance happen to know if they had contacted your GP prior to initial decision to place me in the WRAG group? Being a complete numpty, I had an appt with him today, and what did I so cleverly forget to mention (as my name indicates, I walk around in a with a constant loud of fog ), of course it was the one question I really wanted an answer to as to whether he had been consulted...... hey ho .......Fog 50,000

Onwards and sidewards, never seems to be upwards or forwards for me, but thank you so much for your mention someone from money matters, I have never come across them, could you say how to access them, if its not too much of an ask.

Thank you sooo much.



You have a month to appeal from the date of the decision to put you in WRAG, you can get a GL24 at the Jobcentre, fill it in and give it to someone, a member of staff, in the Jobcentre.


Thank you so much, I will do that. Is it a long and drawn out process after that do you know ? You're very kind.


It takes time to get to tribunal, about a year or more in some areas. The GL24 is easy to fill in. Put your name and address on it, and write you disagree with the decision to put you in WRAG as you are not fit for work, hand it in so you will get paid at reduced rate.

Then contact CAB or community legal advice people to put a case together for you.


OMG how much does the money drop to during the process please ?


About 25 quid pw which is the component rate but you get that back if win the appeal.


They are picking ons sick ppl its discusting...maybe court of human rights should be involved...I know ppl who are on jobseekers and they have had no problems just hiding on and off they go..and the real spongers are not been's awful constantly worrying...makes us even more Ill


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