well have had fibro for 15yrs but to my suprise has a situation today that i have never had before....had to go to bed about 3pm (not having slept a wink all night....thank god for the internet!!!!) i had cramp in both feet for about 30 mins the pain was some of the worst pain i have ever felt i tried to stand and couldnt they were so distorted with pain , well what a pickle i was in trying to reach my feet to straighten them out, so the plan was feet so far up and hands so far down yipeeee got them..... i was so intent with rubing my feet i didnt realise how close to the edge of the bed i was!!!!! the landing wasnt to soft lol, joking aside is this yet another of our lovley symptoms of fibro......i can only hope not 30mins of pure agony....x

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  • I started getting cramp in my calfs a few months ago after over 22 years of fibro .. Just when you think something has got as bad as it could another symptom appears... I found having a banana every day helps greatly but I am sooooo sick of bananas I now look on them as another med to be endured

    VG x

  • oh thankyou sooooo much....i always had a banana every morning on my cereal but got so fed up of them i stopped them about a month ago, so its back on the bananas for me!!!!!!!!thankyou very much....x

  • Sorry just read you post again and am afraid I had to admit to giggling at the thought of you stretching and rubbing and flying out of bed... Glad only your pride was hurt

    Hugs VG x

  • i find a little humour goes a long way with this complant of ours!!!!!!!!! while your laughing its impossable to

  • My hubby suffered from bad leg cramps especially at night. I read up on this and discovered that in cooking healthily for him, I was leaving out salt. A lack of salt in our diet can lead to cramps. Since adding a tiny bit now and then into my cooking, his cramps have significantly lessened and he doesn't live in fear of these awful things waking him at night any more.

    I only mean a small pinch here and there as we don't have salt on our food when we eat, so there's no harm done. Apparently a lack of salt in the diet can be just as detrimental as too much, we need a little to help us function properly.

    (Symptoms of a deficiency of salt include headache, nausea and vomiting, muscle cramps, drowsiness, fainting, fatigue and possibly coma. Having said that, it can be very dangerous and even fatal having too much salt, so in moderation is best of course.)

  • my boyfriend gets lots of cramps and he was told to drink tonic water and he said that it works. i dont know how much he drinks just a glass a night i think but i hope it works for you too.

  • Tonic water works because it contains quinine which is what might be prescribed for cramps - get out the g&t's ladies :) x

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