That Damn'd Fibro Fog strikes again!!!!!

Hi all. Pat here.

Hoping you're all as well as can be expected. ;-)

After the last few days fiasco's with my gorgeous Georgia-us I didn't think much else could go wrong. Oh how wrong I was!!!!

I was awake half the night due to flipping cramp and burning in my feet - o well I hear you say. It's part and parcel of Fibro. To which I absolutely agree. No it's far far worse ...... when hubby cam in from his night shift I was on all fours. Not a comfortable position for most - but nigh on impossible for us fellow Fibro colleagues!!! He asked rather cautiously what you doing down there. I'VE LOST ME TEETH I SPLUTTERED ANGRILY!!!

Well when he'd stopped laughing - bless him - He helped me find them. THEY WERE IN TRE MICROWAVE and I still have no idea how they got there. Probably those pesky Gremlins Lol XxxxxX

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  • Gremlins strike again!! Oh what is the world coming too. You can't even put something where it should be without those little gremlins moving things!!!

  • Like you say not a good position.

    I was astonished yesterday that something I was looking for was exactly where It should be. However I did go upstairs to get two things and walked by the second thing without a backward glance.

  • Remember my grandmother loosing her purse.

    The Searching,,, Weeping and goings on were Oscar worthy to say least.

    She found it a week later in the Refrigerator and suddenly remembered putting it there,,, she didn't even have fibro as an excuse!

  • I did that once before i had fibro,

  • i have a friend with a personal 'ghost' who is called herman. He moves things for days!

  • Common fault!

    Spent 45 minutes looking for a piece of paperwork that had to be finished, couldn't find it anywhere. A colleague was on his hands and knees looking under my desk. I found it exactly where is should have been ..... in my hand :o

    when he asked me if there was any sign of it I told him that I had found it and thanks for the help searching. Still haven't told him where I found it :P Worst part was I moved it from one hand to the other in my search, this most probably was when it got lost :P :D :D

  • Oh dear, I absolutely understand all the comments. I am known for losing things - the other day I thought I'd lost my phone. My family searched everywhere, ringing my number. No luck! Went to bed was getting undresses something fell to the floor, yep, my phone - the battery was dead! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  • I firmly believe that with diagnosis we are issued with a borrower type pixie, how else would my cup of tea end up in the fridge and milk carton in the living room, I could go on xxx

  • That is a classic. It has been worth the biggest laugh of my week reading all the posts it generated. Can I ask what should you have been putting in the microwave? Where was your dinner or haven't you found it yet?x

  • I think them naughty pixies must be enjoying it. lol!

    No but, yeah, but no, but yeah. Glad I've cheered someone up. I'm sure I'll have plenty of material for the blog very soon.


  • I am so sorry to read that but it did make me laugh! Sorry again x

  • OMG Pat!! I thought I was the only one doing those things!!! My latest trick..which I don't suggest as a good pass time is...sticking my head in doors or work surfaces, the amount of times my poor hubby wakes to a thud is unbelievable!! I appear too be sleepwalking and only wake when I thump whatever object my brain takes a notion for.

    Hubby has suggested a bell around my wrist to wake me when I start out on my travels .lol

    Anyway found my medication in the micro last week and I don't know how it got ther????

    I sleep most of the time in our spare room which I've christened the ward,but it's my ward! Lol know what it's like can't sleep because it's too painful for anything to touch you! Sooooo I move to my ward😳😳😳😳

    I've now started to check microwave, oven and even the freezer if I can't find things.

    I sympathise with you so much Pat , but I don't have an answer yet , you did make me laugh... Sorry would not have been nice for you,but we survive, don't we??

    Hope your all having some pain free time

    Guccigirl x

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