Hi,I have had fibro for 8yrs now and one of the 1st symptons were pain in my feet,a type of nerve pain throbbing like a tooth ach.A few wlks ago i started getting a differant pain in my feet as if i was walking on feet are so sore i find it painfull to walk,then the past 2 days the pain has got worse in my right foot traveling up my leg in2 my back also a burning feeling as if my feet an leg was on fire that i went to my GP an they are sending me to a foot specialst as they do not no wats causing it..The doc sayed it cld be fibro but not sure...has anyone else ever experanced this?

sarah x

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  • I have had this for the past 4-5 years. It just started out of the blue and I put it down to my shoes fitting too tightly as I have rather wide feet. Despite buying new shoes, looser socks etc, nothing made any difference. My doctor just advised buying expensive supportive trainers. £80 later and they made no difference. Tried various insoles without success, I just felt as though I had marbles in my shoes. One day whilst at clinic waiting for my physiotherapy appointment for my arms, I wandered into the chiropody department for advice. I managed to find a form (perhaps I shouldn't have) but from it managed to refer myself to Podiatry :)

    I got an appointment, and though I got scolded for the self referral, the Podiatrist agreed to see me as I was 'already there'. He made me some orthotics, and had me referred to an Orthopaedic foot specialist who arranged X-Rays and Ultrasound. Alas despite the pain, no cause was found. I was 'treated' for 2 years but nothing made any difference at all. This was before my Fibro diagnosis. Recently whilst walking round the supermarket, the 'travelling' pain shot up the back of my right leg - all the way to my hip, and without warning I fell into a heap on the floor. I find now that I just have to be very careful with footwear. Nothing closed in unless it is at least a size too big, no heels, and nothing remotely pretty or glamorous :( Cushioned insoles or footbeds help enormoulsy.

    As a recovering 'shoe-a-holic' it's been tough, but now I find that if I can only wear Crocs or Earth Spirit if I must walk, plus a pair of very old and tatty New Balance 608 trainers (other styles don't work).

    I hope your foot specialist can offer you more help


  • Hi Em,thank you...i have sufferd from the nerve pain for 8yrs an the vains show up more when im in pain aswell as little red marks so i thot it has mayb caused dammage after all these yrs...This pain is compleaty differant an is only sore when i walk..Fingers crossed i get sorted as its gettin worse as the days go on...

    Sarah xx

  • You will probably know more when you have seen the specialist Sarah. I don't get the veins, or red marks you describe, just pain in the ball of my foot and my toes, as though I have stones under my skin. Sometimes also along the outer edge of my foot, and the occasional shooting pains up my leg (only the right foot is affected). Shoes always make it worse, so at home I don't wear any. When it is cold I wear loose slipper socks. You should also get the X-Rays and Ultrasound, so if anything is found it can at least be treated. I know some people can get a boney growth in their foot which can be quickly and painlessly removed. However if like me nothing is found to be wrong, at least you will have the assurance of knowing there is no damage there, but then I'd advise choosing footwear with extreme care,making sure they are cushioned.

    I hope it all works out for you, as it is restrictive and so frustrating not being able to put your foot to the floor without yelping

  • Hi Sarah, I am suffering with this as we speak, my feet swell although it is only soft tissue swelling apparently. I usually end up walking on the sides of my feet or on my heels as it is to painful to put my weight down fully on my feet. the thing i find rather strange though is if i touch my feet with a lot of pressure i have no pain it is purely when i try to walk. I havent had my 'official' fibro diagnosis as yet but been told by 3 doctors i have it, just got to rule everything else out first.

    Hope your pain eases soon



  • I have to walk on the sides like that too. The veins on the soles of my feet get very raised and the soles turn bright red. the pain in my feet are extreme as is the cramps in them during the night. Sometimes just breahing out hurts to the end of my fngers, soles and toes! can't figure that one out.

    regards, sandra

  • hjones, I've had fibromyalgia for more than 20 yrs. Within the last few days I've had the feeling like I'm walking on rocks on my left foot only. Just like you, pressure applied to my foot has not produced any pain, only when walking. Prior to this I was having severe foot cramping while in bed. I had read that drinking more water would help this and it has. Did you have the foot cramping also?

  • I have real problems with me feet. The ache like crazy and I get terrible pains down the sides of my feet. Often I get a burning sensation in my feet and sometimes it feels like there is hot water running through my veins in the back of my legs and down to my feet x

    Jax x

  • i also get the pains in my feet and legs but at the start of my fibromyalgia they also found i had planta facsitus which was so painful under my heels in both feet they used to give me quart a zone injections which did help x

  • I get these too! At times it feels like there is a lump on the top of my foot which causes so much pain and despair, but really there is nothing there! I tend to go everywhere barefoot. I cant bear to wear shoes. x

  • I suffer from burning feet and legs like lava is in my veins and bones and also feel like I'm walking on broken glass. I have found that if I soak my feet in really cold water (painful when first put feet in, even for a few mins take feet out and keep try again ) but it seems to help calm the nerves reducing the pain.

    hope this helps?

  • I had this a long time ago before I was diagnosed with Fibro it was to do with the Fasio ( I think thats how its spelt ) Muscle under the foot it had collapsed and I got severe pain in my calfs. It was called Fasioitus or fashio really not sure how to pronounce it!! Anyway I had some Supports made by Schol the footwear specialyst's and I used them for about 4 years they helped a lot and now I use the ones you can buy for around £20, But I have heard you can get them on the NHS . My feet are much better now a days I can even wear croc's where as I couldn't before. I used the supports. I can go hours without them now,and walk much better. ( that is when I am well lol at this moment I cannot walk at all far ) The muscle is the one that supports your arches and it begins with F. Sorry but I have a fuzzy brain at the moment so my spelling and grammer are a bit out !!!

  • I get pain underneath my feet mainly and wear trainers a lot for cushioning...still wear heels very to bar, lol!

  • Its Plantar Fasciitus, I have it in my left foot and it is now affecting both my Achilles tendons too. I started out with general pain in my feet and walking it is like walking over hot coals or broken glass most of the time. I like Clarks Air Active but they are expensive or fit flop lookie likies, lots of places do them now including Avon. xx.

  • Oh yes thats the name I was trying to remember...The arch supports def: helped me and now mine are not so painful.....took a while but worked..think you can now get them on nhs,I had to pay for mine.

  • Hi I've have really bad feet somedays just walking around home is painful seen every sort of doctor and done and wore every thing but nothing helps only little relief I get is to sit with them in cold water I wear crocs around home even in the shower I can't go bare footed been told I have to live with it don't think it will belong before I am in wheel chair sorry ant being so negative maybe you will find some relief not everyone is the same my go says it could well part of my fb

  • Hi, I have the same sort of pain as u ,,I have mentioned it lots of times to various specialists but not got any further,,just take the painkillers and try to carry on ,,,,xx

  • Sorry to hear that wor suffering painful feet I too have the same thing it feels like cramp with burning sensations warm huggles. Ros

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