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Just drove car home for first time after myAccident - ouch!

I finally brought my car home tonight. My shoulder is now killing me. Driving was quite uncomfortable but hopefully will improve. I have an invitation from a friend for lunch and to see her new house/horse but don't know that I will have the energy to go. Will see what tomorrow brings. Right now I'm going to take some painkillers got a migraine coming on - just what I need with bang! Fizz! Wheeee! Going on outside lol

Hope you all have a good evening, wrap up warm if you are going out to bonfires and dont forget thick socks!

Storm x

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ouch hun, rest that arm now for a couple of days. I don't want to hear your back in hospital. Hope you feel okay with it tomorrow x


Ooooo fire works and headaches are not a good mix. Hope the painkillers kick in soon. Its freezing tonight in belfast so im wraped up warm in bed tonight watching a charmed box set and dropping by my fav site to say hi to all my fibro friends :-) take care

Dixie x


Hope you feel better soon Dixie and that you have a restful night. Keep warm! Make sure you rest tomorrow too and I really hope that migraine doesn't kick in, I get them, horrid things.

(((hug))) xx


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