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Hi everyone I hope you are all having a great weekend,

As you know I had a bad few days and went to the GP to find out what was going on. On arrival I was told I would be seeing a new GP , now I wasn't happy about this but needs must so I went in to see her. Omg I have never met a GP like her in my whole life.i explained what happened and how bad it made me feel only to be told the body is good at fixing itself and exercise healthy eating is the best thing for everyone. What the hell..I think that we are all aware what we need to do . Then I asked her what do you think caused it, she said I don't know,me will it happen again. GP I don't know , me well it's been going on for so long now and it is worrying me so I think I could do with seeing a specialist. GP. What sort of specialists. Me I don't understand your the doctor not me, GP well I don't think a specialist of any sort can help you, me what do you mean. GP exercise and good diet and the body will heal itself it's a wounderful thing the human body at healing itself. Well I was nearly in tears so I said so you don't know what it is your not going to refer me so I'm still none the wiser as to what's going on and why this is happening. GP. Well if you exercise more and eat more healthy it might not happen again. With that I got up and left the room..I just don't know what that was all about so if and when it does happen again I will phone the hospital. My husband and daughter are not happy with this new GP and said I should put in a complaint..I don't want to do that as I know everyone has there own way of doing things. But when you have a illness and it suddenly gets worse or somthing else goes on. Surly it should be investigated if only for illumination ..  What do you think!!!!!   Take care all x

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  • This is 2016 isn't it?? You must have felt so deflated after that 'consultation'. I thought they were part of the caring profession. My mistake 😳.

    The GP sounds like my mum. She's 88 and was a theater sister in the 40's and 50's. She is in the firm belief that all I need is to dress head to toe in wool and I'll be fine! We should get the two of them together ha ha. 

    Hopefully you won't have to see said GP again. Try to put it to the back of your mind and start again. Sadly I'm beyond being shocked at the treatment some fellow Fibromites are given 🐸

  • Oh wow i know this stuff goes on. My GP  raises her eye brows at me when i explain my pain levels or kind of looks like she wants to bring the consultation to and end if I ask to she is overwhelmed.

    I think the answer is they don't know the answers but if you are keen on seeing a specialist to assess new problems  then she should really oblige.

    Hope you can see your old GP next time.

  • Hi Gilly,  Is it the female doctor who used to be part-time (naming no names!)?  If so, I have never got far with her either.  Be careful if you complain at our surgery as they are very quick to strike you off.  There have been a few 'mistakes' leading to deaths but it's hard if you have to go elsewhere.


  • Oh No!! What a horrible thing to go through. It sounds like the GP was not taking you seriously at all!! What a horrible feeling. Like she didn't believe you had a real problem or something. I'd make an appointment with a different doctor or like you say, next time the symptom occurs, go to the hospital and see a doctor there. Take care x

  • Hi gilly love I had same problem with my gp so my partner asked his carer support group if they was anything we could do they told him to have a word with practice manager at docs saying how you feel about your care and within two days they gave me a new doc and a longer appointments its worth a try as last time I went before meeting I was in tears good luck love big hugsssxxx

  • Thankyou for you're replys. I feel exhausted with it all tbh  yes I know #KLR22 I knew a couple  the people in question, I definitely won't be seeing her again. I have a phone appointment next week and a F2F the week after so I will be bringing this episode up with them. Take care everyone x

  • Goodluck gilly you should be treated with respect I have had gps telling me it all in my head and that it doesn't hurt I wish gps could be us and then be horrid to us big hugsssxxx

  • Hi Gilly2111

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and it is totally inexcusable to be treated like this by a medical professional. I sincerely hope that you never, ever have to see her again, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi Gilly, know the feeling, had this going on for a long time, until a GP joined the surgery, and understood. Why don't you make another appointment and insist, you see your normal GP, and hopefully get to the bottom of what is wron. Hope you get it sorted. Take care.x

  • Hi Hope your feeling better.Im so angry after reading your post I could scream!!! I must say you handled it well my friend.Tske care.Peck🌹

  • I was diagnosed fibro last nov and have been to my gp every four wks since. My gps mum has fibro so I was delighted when I got her. Eh no, I thought she understood but she doesn't. All she has done is give me Duloxetine and upped them and upped them. After first month I said I really need something for my legs or I'm going to cut them off at night. She says oh I want you to carry on with Duloxetine only as I don't want to add anything else at the moment. 6 months down the line and I was still no further with this woman,motor advice from my fibro friend and she wrote down what my problems were and what I expected my dr to do about them. Handed gp my notes saying this is the quickest way of giving you the info instead of going into long story's. I told her she was not maintaining my illness and I wanted specialist app and another medication for my legs. Result, she wasn't happy but tough it's not about her or your doctor it's about you. She also did an examination on my breast 6 months ago for a lump and said it was fine, it was nothing to worry about, end of conversation. Last wk I went for my normal breast screening and the woman who did it was astounded that my go did not send me to hospital, to the experts in breast cancer and she has now referred me urgently to hospital for advice on lump. I do have lumpy breasts but this tiny little lump is so tender. You need to tell them what you expect from them, get advice, on here or other sources and go back to them or ask for another doctor in your surgery. Gl with it all xx

  • Thankyou my fibro friends it's so good to think I have you all as my friends x

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