new government directive next year regarding pain relieving drugs

Hi everyone just got back from my GP and she informed me that as from next year the government has sent directive that patients are to enter into a contract with GP to get off any drugs that are classed as addictive, two of the drugs she mentioned were Tramadol and Dehydra codine but there are many other drugs.

So not only does the government of the day think that we are fit for work they now want us off the meds that lessen the pain.

i never voted for this government and if clegg had opted to go with labour cameron wouldnt have got in, some how i have a gut feeling that those of us who chose not to vote, will definately be voting in the next election.

ive just been searching on the internet and found out that this has been happening to patients over in America

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  • Oh I can be in pain during the day and have the added bonus of no sleep, cos I m sure anti depressants and clonezapam will be on that list and without them I don't sleep,

    Perhaps when we all have breakdowns due to pain and no sleep and have to be hospitalised a much more expensive option.... This decision will suddenly be abandoned. Looking forward to sharing my padded room with you all


  • Wouldn't bank on getting a psych bed - I never got one when I tried to kill myself...

  • Oh great. If it happens, all other groups for every debilitating condition will have to join forces to fight it. There will be thousands more of us going off sick and have to give up work if we can't get pain relief. So instead of these supposedly ESA things getting people into work, they will be overwhelmed by sheer volume of extra cases. Rant over, til I think of something else.

  • somehow I don't think it will happen. It's more ridiculous than it sounds...

  • Oh f?s i hope you are right Akasha as i will be floored if it was to come true, that's my anxiety raised will have to raise this with my doctor me thinks :( xx

  • Hi All, Perhaps this government would prefer it if we all did away with ourselves quietly and without too much fuss then they wouldn't have to bother about us at all!!

    Seriously though.....Whatever will they think up next? As Jom277 says there will be many more people affected if this stupid idea is put into practice so the Government will have a riot on their hands.

    The way things are going in this country, I am surprised that there hasn't already been an uprising as those in power together with the help of the media just seem to take a delight in victimising the vulnerable in our society. God help us all.

    What really p's me off is that when Cameron's disabled little boy was still alive he couldn't praise the NHS highly enough but, since the tragic death of his little one, he seems to have conveniently forgotten about disability and sickness in general and seems determined to smash the NHS and marginalise all those of us who are chronically sick and or disabled. I didn't vote for him but obviously there are people in this country who did. I wonder how they feel about him now.

    All I can say is that one day all the politician's will get their comeuppance and perhaps then they'll know what it is like to be vulnerable in some way. Except of course they'll be able to do it in style as they'll all have their investments (etc etc etc!!!!) to fall back on. They won't have to go without food, heating or anything else.

    Well that is my rant over with!! I am not usually given to such outbursts but this topic made me see red! It would be the final insult to all of us.

    Hope you all have a good night. Love and hugs, Saskia. XX

  • Hi

    I do think Saskia is o to something, when the people have killed themselves because of the new system and the adverse tests, have the Government looked at the reason behind their suicides, I dont think they have they just ignore it and any bad news that they do not like.

    Enough from me.

    Kindest regards


  • I feel as though it has already started with my GP's. They are wanting me to cut back on everything even my antidelressants which I need now mkre than ever.

    I have my much dreaded ESA Tribunal on Tuesday & have been in bed since a mock hearing which did not go to well for me last Tuesday. I am an emitional nervous wreck I dont knkw how I will cope on the day. However once I get the Tribunal out of the way I am moving surgeries as I feel according to my Doctors every medication known to man is addictive. Why have the blasted things if they are not there to help us? Do we really want to be onong term medication by choice?

    At the moment I feel I can cope with physical pain easier than mental anxiety I find it mkst debillitating of all.

    Best wishes


  • i had my ESA assement last month, i decided that i wouldnt take the morning dose of pain medication because i knew that by the time i was seen i wouldnt be able to sit square on the chair. when they ask you to do lifting your arms up and out REFUSE if they ask you to climb stairs REFUSE when they ask ;you to get on the couch and raise your legs REFUSE tell them you cant do it and make sure you go with some one. Although i didnt get in the support group i have at least got my full benefit, which is the same amount as the incapacity benefit. so dont worry to much its not as bad as i thought it would be and i was seen by a physio who made it clear that she didnt think fibro was an illness.

  • Hi Topsy

    I had my assessment in January & scored zero points. When I got my report back for going to Tribunal everything on it was lies. They said I was able to walk up & down stairs unaided & without using hand rails. I was'nt asked to do that. Thats only one example of the lies. Their report is full of them. I have a Representative going in with me & I have all my medical evidence from hospital to my GP & 2 letters from my GP. One on my Fibro & one on my mental health. However on reading stories even the evidence means nothing to these people. I can only try my best.

    I hope you get good news from your assessment. This was my 3rd assessment. I passed the first 2 & failed the 3rd when I had more wrong with me. Its hard.

    Best wishes


  • P.S. excuse the typos as I am using my phone & cant always see what I have typed.


  • I understand how everyone feels but try not to worry too much until we know for sure how this is all going to pan out. I personally can't cut back on my meds much more, I take my pain relief but have stopped everything else. Not sure if my pain relief meds will be affected potentially, will have to wait and see.

    It is just another worry to add to our list isn't it.

    Hope everyone manages to have a reasonable weekend, Admin are here for you if you feel the need to contact us.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • This SICKENS ME. All the worry about getting addicted -- what difference does it make if you NEED THE DRUG in order to function?!!

    Bunch of narrow minded (insert insulting noun in the plural here).

    I know enough about my body and its response, and already juggle levels of meds to keep them effective as it is.

    This directive is just another insult to those who have chronic conditions.


  • My doctor stopped my Dihydrocodeine 2 months ago, because of pressure from the powers that be, government addition to Fibromyalgia I have Spondylosis of the spine, that bad in neck that if I fall or am involved in an accident I risk ending up with major neurological damage, I have arthritis in my knees and am a bag of pain all the time, suffering sleepless nights, painful days etc and since she took me off dihydrocodeine it has increased ten fold...Ive had two near bad falls on the stairs due to pain in knees, Im wobbly at the best of times due to spinal damage affecting my left leg and excessive pain reduces my concentration and leaves me exhausted.

    I dont think that its the GPs place to take us off painkillers prescribed by the pain specialists or consultants. If our pain is not controlled we should ask for appointment with pain specialist, once they have prescribed painkillers I am sure that the GP would be unable to over ride the specialists decision.

    My tablets were all recommended/prescribed by the consultant at the pain clinic, I shall be visiting my GP next week and asking for my normal prescription and if she refuses I will be contacting my specialist.

    Gentle hugs to all,


  • Deep joy

    Britains trees will be filled with those who decided to hang from them. It took me 2 years to get my opium patches that dont stop the pain but trick my brain into thinking so what and stop me hanging from a tree.......

    whatever next???? NN

  • Well if this stupid government succeed in taking away our lifeline of painkilling drugs then that is it for me and many alike. I can barely cope now. Oh joy.

    The positive side of me reckons they won't get away with it as there are so many people suffering. Watch this space.

  • I am not on anything but Amitrips so I would imagine that will come into it if this goes ahead. Somehow I am sceptical about it going ahead for now and will just see how the cookie crumbles in the future. I can understand that some medications are addictive but do the not think that some patients need these drugs. The consequences are too far reaching if they try to do it. I hope they don't as it won't just be fibromites that suffer, but the more serioulsy ill patients too xxxxx

  • What joys I know I will be taken off my anti-depressant and then I really will walk under a bus, which conveniently stops right outside my house. I almost did it on Prozac and as a sufferer of chronic (long-lasting) depression which I can't find anyone to treat.....

    I did vote as I feel I should but NOT for this stupid government. Wonder what one of these parties would be like without the other?

  • Doesnt that amount to torture? I'd say torture is pretty illegal. As Saskia said, all NHS help AND DLA was welcomed when camerons son was ill. I think he's taking his grief out on us, in some sick twisted way. The poor man needs psychiatric help...from the NHS,lol. I was reading something, somewhere (fibro fog...) about the Magna Carta and how cameron is going against a lot of his duties to the people of this country. I'd be honoured to share a padded cell with you VG, and everyone else on here, but I think cameron needs one more than we do.

  • wouldnt it be funny if karma gave him or his family fibro! wonder how things would change?

  • if it is happened i will kill my self because with lots of painkiller again i have pain i cannot seat more than 10 minute or sleep more than 2 or 3 hours so how can i be able to tolerant that pain

  • Im almost at breaking point at the moment,pain meds take edge off but not enuf, i am waiting my appointment at pain clinic for result of scan for pain injections, dont know what is comming next but to be honest i just feel life is not worth living just now, this is an existence not a life, cant sleep for pain most meds have had bad side effects or didnt work, i have several serious conditions including heart lung and diabettes, to cope with as well as fybro, i have ruptured discs in my back and sciatica, i waited two years to see some scatty pain psycologist who had no idea what to say to me,she said i sounded pretty burnt out with the whole talking pain therapy thing i said yes pretty much, so she said well there is nothing left that i can do for you arghhhh!!!!! are you planning to harm yourself i said yes i have a plan she said maybe i will contact your gp omg on and on it goes shoved from pillar to post, buck passing..the kindly pain nurse said never mind if you had cancer you would get lots of help more than she could shake a stick at, how sad is that i did see somemone on last nights news petioning in parliment for help for chronic pain sufferers. i join her campaing and salute her bravery. perhaps we should campaign lol oh im to tired and weary i just wanna die we are being made to feel like scroungers i have worked all my life and for what a kick in the teeth when i need help. no i think god helps those who help themselves so perhaps that time has come... sorry for ranting..i salute u all for your bravery and your kind support to others. i wish you all a pain free journey my friendsxx pinot

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