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Doctor for my dla assessment is she for real?

I have had an assessment at home for my dla by a doctor. She came in started writing straight away and never listened to either mySelf or my husband. The lies on the form she had filled in we're unbelievable. Has anyone else had the same problem with these doctors I got LRC But nothing else She said I could walk 100m based on 5-6 steps are they for real these doctors?

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I think this is becoming the norm... Assessing people who need higher care rate a lowest rate so that come the new scheme next year when I believe lower care receivers will be reviewed first the main objective is to get them off the allowance altogether... I have been told June 2013 I will be reassessed.. I have gotten worse.. Only get low rate and I am expecting to lose it from what's been said on here and in the news about the way people have been assessed ...

Ah well

VG x


I agree with you VG I asked for a reconsideration on my award sent in a 4 page letter from my doctor and myself and my husband wrote also and I have received their answer to day that they have still gone with the same decision only that the distance on my walking has dropped from 100 mtrs to 50 I think we have to be in a box before we get what we are entitled to. I have been housebound for months and I can not travel on a bus so what am I suppose to do rot away in the 4 walls that I live. I have also got worse over the past few years and I know it is not going to get better. My reassessment is in December next year so I will probably be knocked off it also .

keep smiling



my award was until next March, but I've received the forms already. Couldn't they even wait that long before they hang me out to dry?


I think it is becoming ridiculous how these dr's assess us I have had fybromyalgia for over 20 years and struggled to raise my children who at times have been my carer at one medical I was asked by a male dr whether I was claiming the benefit so that I could stay at home and raise my children. My first instinct was to lose my temper but I somehow remained calm and said to him that I would dearly love to go out to work as it would have given me a break from he children and allow me to mix with other adults as I had become so isolated. But would this dr have said the same thing to a man? . I do get mobility and dla at mid rate but have osteoarthritis in my hands hips and knees but I will admit I am worried about the new things next year as I am now on my own and rely on these monies and know that there is no way at he moment that I could work even though I would love to just to be able to meet people I am becoming more and more isolated not bothering to go out as it takes so much energy and effort and causes such pain in my knees. I had a replacement knee 6 years ago done privately as the same consultant wouldn't do it NHS now it is loosened has never been stable and he refuses to re do it NHs as he still maintains I m too young I am now 50 and had problems since I was 14 with my knees two of my sons have been diagnosed with fybromyalgia both have knee problems and my daughter has it also but her problem is her hips all of us have hyper mobility which is what is think caused my knee problems so long ago. I think we all need to be united and fight for our rights and appeal if we don't get what we should get.


I had a doctor like that for my first assessment several years ago now. I decided it was such rubbish I took it to tribunal, on my own, and won. The comment from the panel was that the doctor can't have liked me very much. I agreed as the moment he walked in he said I needed to lose weight and nothing very helpful after that.


we keep hearing this sort of thing, something should be done, but what?


These people must really enjoy making our lives more miserable than they already are. I also feel isolated and frustrated that I see people who can walk 10 times faster than me and play football with kids on the street yet they get higher rate of both components . Are we doing something wrong or are we just people who they do not want to believe are disabled I am getting so angry and frustrated with the DWP that I feel like giving up but I won't I need to fight this to show that we who suffer from this Fibro need the help we deserve and not be fobbed off it is about time that we stood up and be counted and not left to hide away .

I shall be appealing against the decision they have given me and I shall not give up until I make them see what this thing does to us sufferers



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