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My Mom

My Mom is a member of this site, her ID is Julieevh.

She has been restricted from the site for a week now and is missing you all very much and I haven't seen her this depressed in a long, long time.

She sends you all her best wishes and her gentle hugs and hopes she will be allowed to post here soon and all misunderstandings between her and Admin can be put where they belong - in the past.


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hi perfectpansy why was she restricted give her best wishes from me take care love beth x


Omg i thought that 'misunderstandings ' and 'miscommunications' between admin and users of this site had been settled and harmony between all had been restored!! It appears ive been mistaken. Since joining this site a few months ago ive witness the 'loss'of several much liked and respected members due to misunderstandings and to be honest I will be sad angry and frustrated if issues between admin and site users deteriorate again. It is not my place nor would it be smart to comment on issues that I have no knowledge off but I would like to take this opportunity to pass on my best wishes to your mum who has been many times a source of kindness, wisdom, info, guidance and support to me in relation to living with and managing fibro. Im sadden to hear that she is feeling isolated sad and depressed by recent issues with admin and I hope to see her back online soon posting he blogs commenting on questions and generally contributing to our fibro family.

Miss ya Julieevh and cya soon when this matter has been resolved :-)

Ps perfect pansy what a lovely kind and thoughtful daughter you are look after your mum and take care

Dixie x


LibertyZ is saying the matter is resolved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mom still can't use her account to reply or post and there have been no private messages from them in a week explaining why her account is STILL restricted. She has tried emailing Lyndsey but has had just one response last Monday saying she will investigate and nothing since.

if you want to send me a Private message I can tell you how to contact Mom by email or on FB.



Whatever happened Julie gave a lot of her time to help people on here and i liked to read what she had to say. So i am sorry that she is feeling depressed. Please tell her that I hope she feels better soon and that I was very grateful for everything she did and i am sure there are lots of people that are too.


Morning to you and your Mum,

I dont know anything about the restriction so I cannt comment but please send on a gentle hug to your Mum we all need one sometimes more than others.. xgins


I am really sorry another lot of unrest has happened again.. I don't know what admin have said or done... So can't comment on that, I only saw a post your mum edited and said admin told me to... To which admin added right underneath we did not ask you to edit this post... Confusing.... Very... But your mum has moved onto another site, whether that is a good for her, not sure, cos any new site that spends the first two weeks running down this site and its admin.......... then having to change said posts seems rather negative to me, lots of members here know that members from here have moved to another site and not once has any one on here been negative about members leaving or the other site being talked about in a negative way in fact many members belong to both sites without any ill feelings so PERHAPS the minority who left to set up the other site MAY have caused unnecessary problems.

And before anyone shouts at me ... No I am not a member of the other site,,, For no other reason that belonging to two would confuse me and this is simple and I have made some good friends, but that doesn't mean I don't hear from other people who have been shocked by what they have read on the other site before posts were changed regarding this one

hugs for your mum VGX


i was going to post something the other day and I deleted the whole post because I though it will most probably been been mis understood and taken down. So please send her our best wishes and hope she can get back soon. If volunteers cant speak out on behalf of us who can. I havent been on this sie very long and have held back from making 'friends' just post where i see something I can input into, i dont think i have ever started a post.

thinking of you and sending hugs too xx(((hugs)))


Actually very few posts are taken down or edited. i think you may have been scared into thinking admin are the devil incarnate Do what I do ... If I am not sure my post would break guideline I send a pm to admin and ask.. They have been very helpful and friendly and none of my posts I have questioned have broken guidelines... So don't be afraid to post or ask

VG x


what a shame all this has happened again i think misunderstandings are bound to happen from time to time .This fibro and pain makes me irritated and too quick to react with my family sometimes surely something can be sorted instead of exclusion. I don't post much but i appreciate the site helps us all to be able to have a rant now and again. feeling very ratty and sore today and saddened to see that others are suffering.Hope it sorts out soon. x


Yes Mom joined the other site. She didn't want to feel alone and went to see old friends, she was upset that so many left this site in any case but as a volunteer she knew she would not be accepted onto the other place.

A couple of people have had their doubts about adding her on facebook but overall she feels she has been welcomed.

Mom doesn't see why it has to be a decision between the two sites, she has friends on each so why not participate on each?

She is still hoping that admin will come round and let bygones be bygones and let her back on here. Time will tell.



Pansy when members private message Admin we always get back to them as soon as we can which is normally very quickly. Our members mean everything to us as does their general well being. We have many members messaging us all the time and I am sure you will hear that we always respond and will keep responding until we are sure they are happy with the situation or that they feel more at ease about a concern or worry they may have had before contacting us. :)


Hi PerfectPansy :)

..I thought it had been a while - usually see her about on the site but not so much recently. She always made an effort to help me when I was feeling down and gave me lots of advice.

I hope she's okay, I can't imagine her being so depressed as she is usually so cheery. This isn't the first time there's been a breakdown of communication on this site - certainly not with Volunters. One of our most well known, valued members was restricted and eventually left this community because of it... it's starting to get me down. :-/

Anyway Pansy send her my best and I hope she's allowed to come back soon.

Thanks for letting us all know what happened.

Soft Hugs,

wanderingwallflower xx


Ignore the weird smiley near the bottom :)

it was meant to be this > :/ (keep forgetting about that)


Hello Fay, Julie is no longer with us, her account is on permanent Restriction. It is all very unfortunate but we had to take this course of action. The Restriction will not be removed.

People both past and present do not get Restricted for no reason, there is usually a serious breach of our Guidelines and then further issues. Every opportunity is given to everyone who is placed under Restriction to discuss and resolve any problems.

Here is Lindsey's post about the situation regarding Julie in case you haven't seen it -

LindseyMid FIBROACTION 2 days agoEdit | Delete

Julie has been contacted by email. She was apparently unaware of the fact that, as I am a volunteer, only have childcare 2 days a week and have other commitments to FibroAction, in-depth responses may be delayed by a few days.

I will not into detail here of what I have said by email as I feel that would be inappropriate.

All members can be assured that restrictions are not put in place for no reason and are not kept in place for minor reasons. The HeathUnlocked Site Guidelines and the FibroAction.HU Community Guidelines are linked to all around the community (check out the box on the right hand side of your browser if you scroll to the top) and are not complex. Also, a genuine member (as opposed to a clear Spammer) would never be restricted for a minor infringement of either set of Guidelines.

However, abuse of this community, such as using it for spamming of other members, soliciting or promotion, or by posting offensive, abusive or malicious content, will not be tolerated for the sake of the majority of members.


Thanks LibertyZ :) I understand. Feeling a little down today so this might show in some of my comments..

Hope you're ok. :) xxxx


No problem at all Fay, great to see you here! We are all here for you - I really hope you feel better soon. Feel free to off load if it will help you, we are all here to listen and to help where we can.

Here's a hug for you Fay (((hug))) xxx


Thanks it's good to be here. I'm just going through all my old newsletters from the past few days. Not been on as have been working my socks off to carry on going to sixthform and being the good student that I normally am.

Bit incompetent today to do much more than read through but I try and comment when I can. I will try and do a blog tommorow.

I honestly don't know how I am going to do Positive Friday's Blog as this particular Friday is going to be a very sad day for me and my family. Maybe I'll do one tommorow but we leave then and I'm not really upbeat at the moment. Anyway some how I will make up for it. :)

Soft hugs :) (((hug))) xxxx


Oh bless you Fay, sounds like you've got a lot on your plate right now.

If there is anything at all we can do to help you, please let us know. We're only too happy to help whenever we can.

If you feel up to posting a Blog that would be lovely, I am sure everyone would love to see you back with us, but only if you feel like it. Take your time.

I hope it all works out for you Fay, we are here for you always. (((hug))) xxx


Thanks LibertyZ :)

Feel like I'm carrying the world on my shoulders. Not just in a literal sense (stiff neck and back from Fibro flare up). I might post a blog tommorow. :) (Although sometimes I feel a little frustrated when they don't come out how I plan them like when things I'm going to write are forgotton so some feelings are lost, free floating in the unconscious and still troubling me in their own, subtle way. Especially now with the fog.). Whether it's a happy blog or not I've no idea - possibly a mixture, maybe 2 separate ones?

So I'll see you then hopefully. :) xxxx


That would be wonderful Fay, I look forward to it my dear. Take care, try to get some restorative sleep tonight so hopefully tomorrow you will feel a bit better. Keep warm too!

Please feel free to pm me any time at all if you need to off load and don't want to post in the forum. I am always around to help where I can.

Always here for you. Here's a hug for you (((hug))) xxx


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