My wifes pain

Have not long come home from visiting my wife in hospital, that's why i've not been on site for a while. I was told my wife has a large tumor wrapped around her lower spine, and is also affecting her bowels. When i visit her i try not to moan about my aches and pains, so she has nothing to worry about. I'm hoping i can caring for her the way i've always done. Thanks for listening xxx

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  • Fluffie cuddles for you both Mark I'm sorry to hear about your wife you must be quite anxious about her as well as feeling your own pain.

    {{{{{{Mark and wife}}}}}} and hope things settle down again soon I'm sure you will manage but if you need extra help the nurses should be able to arrange some for you when your wife comes home. It may be worth asking about the help you can get if you're worried about coping.

    My hubby has health problems too and sometimes we're as bad as each other I don't know how we cope at times so can kinda understand the anxiety :)

    There's always someone here to listen if you'd like a chat :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Thank you, fluffie's appreciated, i will try and organise as much as i can. I'm glad, that at times i can turn to someone and release most of what i'm feeling. Big fluffies to you too. Mark xxx

  • Hi mark, so sorry to about your wife, try not to get too anxious as will affect your fibro, and you can do without that as well as your worry and concern for your wife, as Sian says we are all here for if you want to's nice to have someone to vent your feelings to ..feel free to let go anytime....sending you and your wife gentle hugs, and a huge handful of sunshine....Dee xx

  • Thank's Dee, i genuinly don't like complaining, i tend to listen, but i must make the change to talk. I'm glad i've found others (silver lining) will stay in touch. Mark xxx

  • So sorry to hear about your wife, Mark. Gentle Hugs and loving thoughts to the both of you,

    Julie xxxxx

  • Thank you julie, your hugs are needed xxx

  • Just to say that any time you want to come on here and want to let it out, to rant and rave or have a good old moan, then do. We all need somewhere to let it out. Hugs, Julie xxx

  • Once again thank's. Will visit my wife (Alison)tomorrow, have to take our daughter& granson for mothers day, will stay in touch. Hugs to you xxx

  • Gentle ((hugs)) to you both x

  • Thank you, i will pass on the hugs too with Alison. Take care xx

  • Hi markdt

    I am so sorry that both you and your wife are enduring so much suffering and I genuinely hope that you both can find some resolution and relief to these issues.

    I want to wish you both the best of luck and take care


  • Thanks Ken, I really do appreciate ALL the kind words from everybody, we all have to cope one way or another, it's great to have so much support, i will pass on all the kind words.

    I will stay in touch on this site, where i can learn or offer advice.


  • I so dreadfully sorry to hear of your struggles right now Mark & hope both you & your wife find a way back to better days soon. Gentle hugs. xx

  • Thank's Celti moon, we will find a way, after all these years you'd think we'd be used to it all by now. Gentle hugs to you too xx

  • Mark , your wife wants your love and support , my father and I cared for my mum before she passed away , and yes we all moan about our illnesses , but its like I always say , there is someone worse somewhere .

  • I try my best, it's all i can do, have done for a long time. You take care

  • My thoughts are with you both, sending love and hugs Mark xxxx

  • Thank's, i appretiate it, will pass the message to my wife. Take care yourself xxx

  • Hi mark, so sorry to hear about your troubles, and wish your wife as well as she can be. Do please use this site to tell us how you feel, it's important that your issues are supported, as well as your wife. I bet you are a wonderful husband! Xx

  • Hi, Wildwoman, Thank you for the kind words. I will continue to use this site, for help and may offer my own. I'm just an ordinary man who tries to do what I can, when I can. xxx

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