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Man Flu xx

Man flu

Have you ever had flu

Laying still, nothing you can do

An ache in muscles head to toe

A fatigue which leaves you feeling low

Along with the energy you lack

There's a pain in the spine of your back

Moving hurts, even to pee

Medication, flu relief, is just the key

No energy to feel aggrieve

I've just described me, do you believe?

A small part of my everyday life

Maybe you have experienced a few days of strife

There are lots of people that experience as I do 

So please don't dismiss as hullabaloo 

Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue is real

Want to wake to 'normal' life, so surreal

Those that manage every day, minute, week

Whilst cure, aid, recovery they seek

Please consider with empathy inside

How you felt with flu, in bed to hide

Imagine your life with constant flu

Not knowing where to go what to do

I'm not wishing upon you this curse

Just support, understanding, nothing perverse 

Frustrated you may feel when your family or friend

Is ill and you want there suffering to end

You hope was we do the prescribed pill

Will reduce symptoms so not so very ill

Please vent your frustration elsewhere

A colleague or friend who does care

Don't pass onto the one with condition

As guilt evolves, a hopeless rendition 

I wish I had a beachams or lemsip to take

So better I'd feel once awake

Maybe one day they will invent 

A cure that would be surely god -sent

Mel Isherwood 26th Oct 2012

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Very good Mel, great to read! Thanks for posting. :)

Did you know we have a Poetry Corner blog where there are more poems for everyone to read?! Here's the link -


Please feel free to post as many as you wish on there, it would be lovely to read more from you. Thanks again. :)


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