Manners maketh the man/woman

I was brought up with good manners but it is a crying shame to see that this seems to be a dying trait. I am disappointed to see so many people not using the words please, thank you, or excuse me and if this attitude is taken whilst you are with children then this rubs off on them. I have experienced several times whilst sat on the outside seat of the bus people who want to get off just standing up and looking at you as if your in the wrong and then when you od get up they pass you and say nothing. I hate it when shopping people who ask for something and never say please after their order or thank you when they get it. I was in a shop and the lady serving said to me "oh you have lovely manners" and I said that is how everyone should be and not me being the exception.

Anyway rant over Have a lovely day everyone ! :>))))))))

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  • I agree,good manners seem to be a thing of the past,however there are a few exceptions,and often from people you would least expect.

    Some of these bad manners are displayed by older people who should know better.


  • I was always told "please and thank you cost you nothing so use them frequently" and I have always ascribed to that and make sure my families kids do the same.

    It infuriates me when people don't say please, thank you or excuse me - I've held doors open for people and when they've just walked through without a word I've called after them "You are welcome". Its amazing how many people kind of sneer at me for that, but I feel I need to bring it to their attention.

    The other thing that annoys/angers me is when someone is walking along not paying attention because they are on the phone/too busy talking etc and nearly knock someone over and look at the other person like they are scum. It should be illegal to walk whilst using a device such as a phone because it causes accidents.

  • My partner does exactly the same, though when he does it in the car he makes me laugh, its not as if they can hear him

  • Give him a good slap next time !! :>)))

  • Lol I do it in the car as well :)

  • I agree, I work in a shop and a lot of people ask where something is without a please and when I take them to the item they say nothing. and being called oi annoys me, I wear a name badge or just say excuse me to catch my attention.

    I always prompt my children/nieces and nephews if they forget their manners and I also repeat what my mum and grandparents said "manners cost nothing" x

  • If anyone dares call me Oi I always respond with "Excuse me I was christened not weed on".

  • I agree totally! Being polite never hurt anyone. I was delighted to hear my granddaughter coming out with her please and thank yous. Must have got the message through to her mum when she was a little girl! Yes!!! I must have done something right as a parent then lol 😀

  • Good for you lovey !!

  • My grandchildren are always being complimented on their politeness and good manners. Is it because youngsters nowadays do not generally use these things which makes my grandchildren stand out and invite people to comment?

    As a child it came naturally to me through watching other people behave, and I don't remember being complimented, as it was expected for children to behave nicely.

    However there are many adults out there who neither remonstrate their children or lead by example, what a shame for society.

  • I was always slapped gently for not using manners but it did teach me mine

  • I totally agree with you on this!

    I've brought my children up with good manner and the saying... Manners make the man.

    I find that table manners are very lacking these days too. Isn't the fact that we use manners, what separates us from being like animals?

    To be honest though it's not just the younger generation that don't use them. When my children were young and holding onto the trolley and being good, older people would barge into them and I found myself having words with them!

    As you can probably tell I've always had very strong views on this matter. 😊

  • I don't have children but the very thought of this could cause me to go off on someone real quick! ! Good for you! ! Peck

  • 👍😊

  • Absolutely. I keep plugging away with good manners. I think too that there are lots of people about, of any age, who are completely self absorbed and do not even bother with simple manners.

  • another pet hate of mine is when people cough or sneeze and don't cover their mouths!......................ewwwww! x

  • 👍😊

  • I totally agree with you Heliboy911.It digest me to not hear people respond with a kind word to a fellow human being.If you speak this way your children will not have to be taught as they will repeat what they hear. Thanks for bringing this to our attention my friend.Peck🐤

  • Hey Peck your right and it really gets me very annoyed when people both young and old do not use basic manners, and I have to hold myself back from correcting them as people can be a bit strange.

  • To me they just show their ignorance. I hate when I'm driving and let someone out in front of me..the thing we do in US is to throw up a hand which is the same as thanks, and when they don't, OH that gets me too!!! I really enjoyed your post thanks again.Peck☺

  • It is the same here If someone stops at a zebra crossing for me I always say than you with a wave of my hand a lot of people because it is the law here do not Also when I used to drive I had the same problems as you letting people in who did not acknowledge you !! Seems we have the same people living in our countries !!

  • It's not that I feel they owe but it's common courtesy. I guess that's why it gets to me.Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention !! Have a good day

  • Agreed. Manners Makyth the Man is the motto of the public school near me

  • Hi Heliboy911

    I totally agree with you! It is awful sometimes to listen and witness the way many people behave. I want to genuinely wish you all the best and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Cheers ken now get the beers in!!

  • Crabby's ginger beer? :)

  • I do not drink alcohol as it disagrees with me big time and have not since I was 19 a long time ago but hey thanks anyway !!

  • i am 55 and in total agreement with you, if i didn't use manners i got a clip round the ear, simple as. I have brought my daughter up to use manners and everyone always compliments her on them, i am also instilling this in my grandchildren, no pleasey

    no getty i say. they do push the limits sometimes but know very clearly where they stand and i will continue using manners to my dying day. the world has gone to pot,

    too many doedoogers. kids will be permanently wrapped in bubble wrap soon, and wont be able to go out and play just in case..... when i was a kid i fell out of trees, had permanent scars on my legs from cuts and grazes, but i had a life! they are just breeding frightened couch potatoes now. we need to go back to the good old days when a clip round the ear wasn't going to give you "brain damage" whatever!!! we have no control over the kids now, its frightening, i have been threatened by little hooligans but i stand up to them, i would not go down without a fight. they are just ignorant these days, in a way its not the kids faults its society and their stupid rules, dont get me wrong i dont believe a child should be beaten, but they need to know right from wrong its a simple as that. gentle hugs xx

  • Agree 100% I was always slapped for not saying please or than you and made to stand up on buses if someone older than me got on We were always respectful of everyone including police doctors and priests or nuns. The local bobby would sooner give you a clip round the ear than drag you off to your parents. I live near a school for 11-16 year olds and the disgusting things I have witnessed is shocking I saw a group of them f-ing and blinding and smoking whist messing around in my neighbours garden and she is 86 disabled and blind and when I asked them to move on I was given a tirade of filth and menacing threats. I went the next day to see the headmistress and she said "We cannot be watching them 24 hours a day" With attitudes like that from the teachers is it any wonder a huge portion of youth today are like they are ??? Take care out there :>))))))

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