going to get the following on a t shirt i think

dear all, sorry that i do not LOOK ill enough in your opinion

i would dearly like to thank you for judging me, but you see i DO NOT have the black death or the bubonic plague,or malaria, BUT i do have fibromyalgia and other health problems and am in pain all the time,so do not judge me and hint that i look alright as you know nothing and the reason you know nothing is because you are ignorant and it is none of your business, so get on with your own life as you may not have noticed but while you were intruding on my private life ,i was not prying into yours!!!

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  • Good idea i'd like one that says on the front: "But you look ok" and on the back lists all the symptoms of fibromyalgia then says "don't judge me" at the end in big letters

  • I also have IBS and incontinence of urine, so regularly have to go to the loo, and sometimes its not a pretty site, so when I can I use the disabled toilets more private, and as I have a radar key that enables me to use the disabled toilets with confidence, that is until I come out and others are waiting, and wow the looks because I'm not in a wheelchair, and my walking stick counts for nothing or the extra large handbag containing clean underwear, I have stopped feeling guilty and just give them a nice big smile as I walk past, there is nothing worse than the judgers in this country, but I just put it down to ignorance of each individual who cares to judge me.

  • Good idea add to that outfit a fibro band that has a button that's shouts .. I am in pain.. Stop staring and move. Preferably in a louder tone than the useless mobility scooters horn... Mine makes a pathetic beep that gives the impression you are sorry for having to announce that someone is standing right in the middle of the pavement and you can't get past.

    VG x

  • my old mobility scooter horn sounded like a very weeak noise a duck makes!,my new scooter one is louder though,i was thinking of getting a horn like you hear at football matches!! it might make people jump out of the way from fright!!

  • that is a great idea take care love beth x

  • i can see the new launch of tshirts coming soon :) xxxxx

  • I can never decide if looking well is a benefit or a curse. In many respects life would be easier if symptoms of Fibromyalgia included turning a nice shade of green and growing horns; are Shrek and Princess Fiona actually Fibromites?

    Julie xx

  • So true xx

  • i thought i might also put on it ,sorry for NOT looking ill enough for your satisfaction, what do you want me to do,slit my throat? then you will believe me?!! god i am having a really cynical day today!!!!

  • am i the only one who does look really ill ? always deathly pale eyes sunken etc when in bad flareup mode i realise it is hard but after being stared at all my life i smile and say can i help you ? they may think more next time. really its just curiosity they are trying to work out whats wrong with us as we are all so nice and friendly ha ha x

  • i was on my mobility scooter in scarborough the other day(my partner took me and i had to lay down in the back all the way there and back as i am not comfortable sitting asi have as well as fibro , something called pudendal nerve entrapment) so it is a bit of a ordeal to go anywhere!

    so back to the tale i was telling, i went in a shop and a old man said"what are you doing on that scooter"? i replied "i couldn't afford a push bike!!" later on i saw him again with a woman and he went off into the toilet , the woman approached me (i thought she was going to have a go at me ) anyway she said 'ear luv, i roared at what you said to my husband, he is such a busybody, i am forever telling him to mind his own business!!) so at least i made her laugh!!

  • I live in Scarborough and look forward to the day that man says something to me!!!!

  • well this lot's made me laugh!

    I think stormwytch's idea for the t shirt is the best, I would wear one, especially when I walk out of my car after parking in a disabled bay! I think people only think you are entitled to a blue badge if you are in a wheelchair! ( which on occasions I am!)

    Purple with yellow writing, nice & subtle, that would be good! lol!

    Gentle hugs to all xx

  • So true, and I will wear one if you get it done xx

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