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my life: garylouise get a life

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this bloke/girl seems to be on this site writing things on peoples blogs i think trying to upset people. so just a wee message for him/her: thanks for the message, you seem to be of low intelligence so i will type this slowly for you so you understand, GET A LIFE your life must be that sad you've nothing better to do than go on to blogs and (sorrry to the people who run this site) write utter sh*te, what an a**hole, i think there's a site called "" why not write on it you'll meet plenty of people like yourself on there, please don't think i'm having a go i do feel sorry for you, please message me if you want to make friends as i've been a bit down lately and telling you to go f$*k yourself might be the thing i need to give myself a bit of a lift, thinking about it you already have because no matter how shite i feel my life is at least i know yours is worse, wishing you nothing, hagi

if i have offended anyone by writing this sorry but what a twat

12 Replies
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I thought I read all the blogs but I haven't noticed snything still being awakes at this time my heads not together

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hagi in reply to getactive

seems to have upset a few people

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Yes I did notice...... By the way sorry about any spelling mistakes

Hi i am so sorry that youare feeling like that and yes i agree totally you comeon here for help and support not to be put down or made to dfeel uncomfortable please message admin or the moderators and get this sorted i had a problem on here fww months ago a certain memeber everytime i wrote something they used to put me down and contradict my blogs and it was all the time so i nearly left as this memeber was an old memeber and i was fairly new but then i thought no they are the only one doing it to me so they must have a very big problem with me and i messaged one of the powers that be and asked them to look back on the messages and see what i meant and i got a message back saying they would sort it and i have had the odd comment when i write things but to be honest i notice if i not on here for a day or two someone will say where am i i never see that about that memeber so i think thats says it all doesnt it love to you diddle xxxxx

Hi i have just read the comment in question and there is np need for that i have commented back and i hope that you are ok people need support on here not putting down and kicking when they are feeling low you take care now love diddle x

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ive just quickly read it aswell i hate it when people come on here to cause trouble ,why do some people have to be like that ?

i just dont understand it , :(

well hugs to everyone and well done to standing up to him/her

has anyone reported him/her to the powers that be ?

hugs again :) xxxxx

Morning im shocked abt this as all ive recieved is nothing but kindness on here.and all ive done is be kind and supportive to.

This person needs to be kicked of the site and go and get some help.xx

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Please report anything like that, either by hitting the Report button if you feel it is abusive, malicious or deliberately misleading or PMing a Volunteer or Admin.

Blogs like this can inflame a situation and would only delight a troll, so try to keep it quiet and we'll help deal with these things

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lol i thinkits a bit late to keep it quiet he seems to have upset alot of members which is very sad i know we all have our issues and he seems to have quite a few and i feel sorry for him and what he is going through but taking it out on other members is not the way to do things i do hope that he is contacted by the admin/volenteer as if it carries on it will cause alot of bad feeling which is a shame for the site. can you not do anything once you have read the offending blogs love diddle x

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LindseyMid in reply to

Yes, there is plenty we can do - and will do, don't worry. But with the sheer number of posts on here, even the whole Volunteer and Admin team can't read every post. That's why it would help if members could report any problematic content as soon as it appears, rather than relying on us spotting it without help.

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Lima6MCT in reply to LindseyMid

I've just put a few DLA and ESA facts & figures on his wee rant on this blog fibroaction.healthunlocked....

good glad you have seen the content of the blogs concerened and now hopefully something will be done it is not nice having bad feeling on what is normally a very friendly easy going site with no nastiness or rudeess to other members it does seem to affect the whole site when things like thus happen x love diddle x

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