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Just had a public meltdown

Feeling a tad silly and upset as just collected yet another carrier bag of meds from the chemist only to get hom and find one of the meds wasn't had been changed to soya free last week and they had given me the one with soya... Took the pills back after lunch and ended up in tears and feeling like I was trying to get pills out of them. Told them I would go get what they gave me last week to prove it was wrong and then prompty cried all the short walk home. I have had to send hubby back to see them as I am now in too much of a state. luckily he was working from home this afternoon.

This is just not me and I am now feeling embarrassed...I do have a cold and feel slightly fed up today my tongue also feels like its not mine which is a new one on me too.

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Oh mumof5, what a rotten day you have had. Its strange how sometimes small things can escalate and become so unmanageable.

Dont despair. You are not the only one. I often get tearful over nothing and then cry because I get annoyed with myself for being upset about nothing!! Cant win!!

Hope your evening goes better :) X


Hi I also too have the most weird upsets over nothing at all and you at least did have a reason to get upset... On the fibro symptoms web page it actually states crying very Easily over nothing special is a symptom of fibro. I ended up in tears last night at my OH and son.. So trivial I can't even remember what I was, so don't feel silly as you had a reason

Hugs VG x


Oh you poor thing, I am sure many of us have been through the same! I have for sure! Your resistance is already low with your cold, the weather getting colder, Fibro etc., it's no wonder that sometimes this happens. Don't be too hard on yourself, sometimes there doesn't have to be a reason to feel weepy. It doesn't pay to analyse - thankfully you had hubby available to sort it all out for you.

I know what you mean about your tongue, I have often said to my hubby that my tongue feels odd, I think it may be another glorious Fibro symptom.

Make sure you have an easier day tomorrow, try to get some rest too and build yourself up a bit with your cold, take a decongestant if it's compatible with your other meds. That might help and keep warm! I hope you feel better soon.

Here's a hug for you (((hug))) xx


Thanks guys...Sharing really helps :) I ae to take my 10 year old to physio tomorrow, she had corrective surgery on both feet a couple of years back and seems to have a turn in one foot.... Also I have to go to work PM so need this cold to go too.

I have a log fire burning and an easy dinner of fish and chips in the oven...I'm not usually weepy and the chemist staff know how much messing i have had since about may with meds..I would love to just stop taking everything and take my chances though I know this would be silly.


I often wonder without my meds what I would be like, but I know I can't do with without medical advice and I advise the same to you too. It's not worth the risk as the side effects and withdrawal could make you feel worse than you do already.

I have come off Amitriptyline though and I do feel better for it. I had been taking it for four years and I felt "dragged down" by it, hard to explain. I haven't taken it for about 6 weeks now and feel certainly much better, not so flaked out and it hasn't made my pain worse.

Sometimes I think we need review of our meds because we can get too used to them and then the effects tend to wear off, so it's worth a chat with your GP sometimes.

Make sure you keep warm, take your meds and get some restful sleep tonight if you can, so hopefully you will manage tomorrow as well as you can. I hope it all goes well for your daughter, that must be a big worry for you too. Take care (((hug))) xx


Oh poor you! I hate making a fuss in public, I usually back down but if I do make a stand I'll bawl my eyes out & keep replaying what had happened (not healthy).Like you I can't face them & try to persuade someone to go for me.My best method is to write letters if I need to complain!

Hope your meds are sorted now

have a better day tomorrow x


It is horrid isn't it when we feel we have to make a fuss! I too found myself in a similar position I handed the new prescription over and the lovely lass said it would be ten minutes . I felt toatly unable to wait so I went home an made OH go down for prescription. Somedays are like that I juat run out of every thing and have to go home! Hope you are feeling better today and that your daughter gopt on ok :) take care xgins


Hi everyone

I have my medication delivered by the sursery, all you have to do is ring the repeat prescription line and they put it through to the chemist, you need to order 3 days before you run out. But at least you dont have to go out in the cold and the deliver it to the door, I think it good especially now the colder weather is here

Hope everyone one keeps warm and doesnt hurt too muc.

all my love sarahxxx


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