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Just had an op for spinal stenosis


I had it last Friday and was home by Sunday. They certainly don't like to keep you in nowadays. I think because of infection risk. The operation was successful according to my Surgeon and as it has only been 5 days I can't feel a benefit yet!!

The point of this post is that the wound is sooo sore and the giant plaster they put on it seems to be pulling and making the pain of the wound worse. I am taking my pills regularly but nothing seems to help since I have been home. I am dog tired but can't sleep at night and it is getting me down.

I take Pregablin Paracetomol, Amyltriptan Allupurinol candasartan.Tramadol and feel that these are all too much really and want to reduce them eventually but after I recover . What meds do anyone else take? Any ideas also of how I can make myself comfortable in bed.

Take care folks and thanks.

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Hi Well done that was quite an operation to have, have you got reasonable movement yet?

Getting Comfy in bed is very difficult - I have spinal stenosis but they will not operate as I have lymphodema as well.Right what I do is I pile pillows some soft some firm In . a pile start with two firm then two soft at right angle then a firm one on top and a soft one on top you know have one big pile. n lean back if you can get a pillow placed under your knees. You will now be so exhausted you will sleep. I forgot to ask are you allowed to sit yet cause if you cannot this wont work.

Hope it helps xxgins let me know how you get on. If you cannot sleep there are often people on line to chat with.

Thank you Gins, I will try the pile of pillows tonight. I am pretty mobile as they say you should get back to walking as much as possible as soon as possible. I walk with a stick anyway. Today hubby took me to a local seaside promenade and I walked around 500 metres. not very fast I might add lol but I walked.Then had to go for a drink and a rest to prepare for the walk back to the car.

As you can imagine sitting in the car is also extremely painful as you are leaning on the wound and every bump you feel 50 fold. The advice is much appreciated. Love Lizzie xxx

Hi Lizzie I do hope it helps I always sit to sleep now and I gradually slide down them , the pillows. any sleep is welcome and I get very little but I do manage to get by.

Sleep well tonight


Hi liz123

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I think that you should be very pleased with yourself for undergoing such a major operation like that! I cannot sleep on my back and have to sleep on my left side with my right leg elevated on a block due to recent surgery, it has taken some getting use to? But it will not be for much longer, so I have hope that soon I will be able to sleep any way I like!

I can understand your desire to reduce your medication intake, but it really is a question of what will actually work for you. As we are all unique individuals and therefore we all respond differently to both our medications and our illnesses.

I have pasted you a link to WebMD listings of Fibromyalgia and pain medications and I really hope that you find it useful:


All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Thank you Ken , I have taken a look a the site and there is a lot of information on there. I appreciate it. I am going to try with the pillows tonight and see if that will give me some sleep. Take care

Liz x

TheAuthor in reply to liz123

I just want to wish you all the best with that and I genuinely hope that you manage to get a really good sleep.

Take care

Ken x

Good morning. I am pleased to say I managed to get 5 hours sleep last night after trying the pillow trick which worked. Thank you Gins and Ken for your support. Today I feel a little brighter and able to cope better. Have a good day. Love Lizzie xx

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