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Is there a quick cure?

I've not been out in the evening now for nearly a year but last night I attended my youngest son's engagement party. Knowing how my body reacts to too much activity in one day, I took it easy and only went and had my hair cut before going out. I drove there, walked the few yards to the venue, sat in a comfy chair most of the evening and did circulate a little and I mean a little. I got home just before midnight and I felt like I'd hit a brick wall. I ached all over, especially my back, fell into bed but had trouble just moving I hurt so much. I had trouble getting off to sleep, despite taking my usually meds and then woke an hour or so later feeling like I had the worst hangover ever. I had not touched a drop of alcohol. I tossed and turned all night and at 6:30 this morning I gave in and got up. Now at nearly 11:am I could happily crawl back into bed. BUT...I am going out to lunch today, at 1:30, with my eldest son, who I have not seen for over two years, he lives and works in South Africa. He's only here for today so I have to go, and of course want to go but I need a quick fix to feel better. I look and feel like death warmed up at the moment. Help.

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Sorry didn't see this earlier. In the past I have used berocca and get a heat pack on your back. If you can get someone to pick you up.

Hope it goes ok x


I am sorry you're feeling rough today Pepper, you are showing signs of a flare-up through overdoing it. There is no fast fix I am afraid, the best course of action is to rest. Your body needs time for the symptoms to ease and rest is the number one solution. Keep yourself warm, take your pain relief and other meds and it will pass. I can't tell you when as it's a bit of an unknown science.

I read somewhere once that a 'Fibro flare-up is really a temporary condition and can be reversed much faster if we learn how to control our emotional response to it.' I have always remembered this and I try to keep as calm as I can so my stress levels aren't increased too much, a calmer mind makes pain seem not so bad and will hopefully quicken the flare to pass. Naturally we panic when our symptoms flare-up, we don't know how long it's going to last or what we can do to stop it all. It's very hard to keep calm when you feel absolutely dreadful, but it's fait accompli we have no choice but to rest, try to keep calm, take our meds and it will pass.

If you do manage to go today, then prepare yourself for resting until this passes. I am sorry I can't be of more help to you and wave a magic wand, I would if I could. Take care my dear, we all know how you feel right now.

(((hug))) xxx


Hope you had a nice time with your son even if you were not feeling too great peppersue.. When our children fly the nest to live in far away countries it is really hard on us mums isn't it. My own son lives in New Zealand and I won't get to see him until he comes home for a wedding next June. I am sure that your children appreciate that you have had to make such an effort to be with them during this special time and hopefully when the pain dies down you will just be left with some happy memories. Jane x


It's such a horrible feeling is'nt when you go somewhere and have a nice time but you know in the back of your mind that later on you will be paying for it, it's so hard not to just give in and don't go out anywhere which then can lead to depression so we have to try and keep going as long as we can, hope you feel better soon :-)


I never think about how something is going to effect me as I find if I do it makes things far worse for me. I brace the day and pay later and then spend the night saying 'if only' xxxxx


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