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Can my day get better please!

I am sitting here - tired and trying to control my stress levels. This week I found that (after my period has finished) I have a very painful boob - just the one mind - and I am sure it is about 2 cup sizes bigger. I was very brave - rang to make an appt with my GP, but he's on holiday. So I had to see one of the partners. So he examined me and it was V painful. Good news (I hope) is that he couldn't feel a lump. Does anyone else get this kind of thing? I asked him if it was something to do with fibro - and he launched into the ' some people say it doesn't exist and we Drs use it when we don't know what is wrong etc etc'...... I had no qualms about telling him IT IS REAL! But as a result of this - I feel less convinced about his assessment and made an appointment to see my own GP next week anyway. He concluded I had mastalgia - breast pain - he didn't think they were uneven in size - although I said - I know my own body and they are not as they should be!

To top that - my was sick last night - several times so I took him to the vet and he's ended up having an operation for small bowel obstruction. He only had surgery for the same thing in July .... and I am not sure the insurance will cover it if it is caused by the same thing. So I am anxious about my painful swollen breast still because I doubt the quality of my GP consultation and anxious about my poor doggy and hoping he is going to make it ... the house is very empty without him :-(

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My poor dog has to stay in hospital - but has got through the operation so far. He had a hole in his intestine caused by a sliver of wood he had chewed and eaten. An anxious time extends - I'd rather have him home


Hope you get to the bottom of your boob swelling next week....sounds like mastitus but best to get it checked out by someon that knows you...hope they gave you some antibiotics to make a start on sorting you out..

Hoping your dog gets well soon, ours is always in the wars being a springer spaniel and she cost us so much. x


Thank You - I just watched an episode of Dog Whisperer about a springer who eats tissues and other such like - and had the same kind of impact. My vet said because this was the second in such a short time (last one was July) and he is only 19 months old it would probably need a specialist if it happened again. I just have to hope he keeps safe. I had good news from the vets in Watford to say he was doing well. The Dr I saw didn't fill me with confidence that he would be accurate. he didn't give me anything - just said take brufen. I feel so upset that he didn't listen to me - I said i knew my body - and know that one is much larger than usual. He said they looked alright to him. I mentioned mastitis - as my main concern - but he said it wasn't. Kinda made me feel it was in my head - especially as I mentioned fibro - which he clearly doesn't believe exists at all! A Dr that needs a bit of updating!!!


If you don't feel happy about the docs advice you could call your out of hours and say you are in a great deal of pain...I think if its an infection it will need some treatment...After all you know whats right in your body....hope you sort it soon.

My Springer loves mutilating tissues and shredding them to bits...we have even had the andrx all over the house!


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