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Can some one help me


I have just got back from my Rheumatolgist ( might of spelt that wrong) and I have no idea where to go now.

I had pinned a lot on this appointment as when I went to complain about my pain to my GP and he got me another appointment to see the Rheumatolgist .

As I have said on here before, lots of my joints swell up and are painful. They also change colour from bright red to dark blue and motely ( again. to idea how to spell it)

So I went back to see him, I took along copies of photos my every changing joints. I wasn't in there very long. He did not want to see the photos.

He told me that my scan of my back did show a problem with the discs in my lower back and he said my trigger point injection should sort that out.

But then I tried to tell him about the swelling colour changing joints only to be told, at best it's all down to my back!!! Or due to fibromyalgia And how the injection will take away all my pain from all my joints.

He also said everything is due to fibromyalgia which my back triggered.

All of this is very well but as I asked him how can I get better, answer my bloods are fine so it's all down to fibromyalgia . I asked him specificly about the pain in my little finger, he agreed it was not just swollen, but had boney changes but you guessed it , the cause is fibromyalgia .

I was then dismissed with a promise of an appointment in 6 months so he could see how the trigger injection ( due on the 15/04/2014) had worked. He will then discharged me.

So my back will be cured by trigger injection into it

My fibromyalgia will be cured by the same injection.

So I am at a lost, the pain is unbearable most of the time, and I don't know where to get help. No one wants to know, the nurse who was there told me to go home ring my GP and tell him I was about to jump out of the upstairs window due to the pain, as that is the only way I will get anybody to help me ( would of done this if I didn't have my girls)

Does anyone have any advice as I can't keep going with this pain

I take so many tablets including Lyrica ( which has helped a lot) MST along with Oramorph .

I really am at the end of my strength

Please help me

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I don't know really what say, only that I understand exactly how you feel. I too am finding the pain unbearable and waiting to go to the pain clinic, everything is so long winded and nobody really has any answers. Like you I feel desperate, frustrated, angry and upset, I don't know how I am going to cope with constant pain for ever. My thoughts are with you think about your family and how they love you. Take strength from their love and try not to let this illness take over. I know it easy said. Love Ktatmolehole xxx

Thank you so much for your kind words and support. It really does mean a lot to me. Thank you, I also hope that your pain is not too bad today and I hope you were able to enjoy the sunshine xx

Yes a little, although the pain has at times left me exhausted today. Let's hope tomorrow gets better for the both of us. Xxx


So sorry that you have had such a negative experience. We are all the same just living in hope that we will see someone who even if they can't cure us can say some positive words of encouragement and actually listen to us. I know we would not wish the pain on our worst enemy but sometimes when the pain is bad you sometimes wish that some of the so called experts could just have a couple of hours of our pain and they might have an entirely different viewpoint on it. What a pity that they would not even look at your photos as I think it was an excellent idea yours to take them. I sincerely hope that these injections will work for you and that you can get some relief. I am the same with my legs propped up on pillows because of the pain. I am rattling like a tube of smarties with the pills and have rubbed every cream known to mankind on with no relief so I know where you are coming from. At least we all have each other on the forum for support as people on this site are so kind and understanding. Hope you can get a bit of sleep and feel more positive tomorrow. Mental hugsxx

Hi Carolinee71

I am so sorry to read that you have had such an horrendous experience with your Rheumatologist, and I genuinely hope that you can resolve your situation.

My first thought was to be brutally honest with him and say, 'That is not good enough!', but in a calm and collective manner. Just to see the reaction he would give? I always think that we need to speak our mind to health professionals but in a restrained and low tempo way, as not to give the impression of anger or resentment as this will get us nowhere.

My second thought was to say to him, 'I am not willing to see you again, as you are not making any effort to take me seriously and help alleviate my illness', again, in a calm and collected manner.

I have done this myself to GP's and Consultants, I will admit that many years ago I was asked to find another GP surgery which I did! But it has worked more times than not.

Just remember, if you do say anything ensure that it is not loud, aggressive or demanding and this way you cannot be accused of abusing the doctor involved.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Hi Carolinee71,

I went to see a private Rheumy because I was getting so frustrated with gp's...he offered me a trigger injection there and then....he explained that I had referred pain and the injection would help me hugely...I was sceptical but thought what have I got to loose I could hardly walk because of the pain...the injections didn't hurt and by the next morning I started to feel less stiff and was more mobile I was gob smacked....I then started on duloxetine, that was nearly a year ago and I haven't felt so well from my Fibro for years...the only problem is I now have sero negative inflammatory arthritis as well so never sure what's causing my pain....I wish you luck with your inj and hope it really helps...maybe then ask to see a different Rheumy.....

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