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Hi guys

Just wundering if anyone may have an answer here for my question,I currently work 24 hours a week as a cleaner in a hospital,Iv been off work for 6 weeks with fibro being bad,I suffer with a realy bad back,since I have been off my arthritis has taken its toll on my knees,Im also suffering with depression at the moment,due to go back to work next week,I know I can't do it,boss has been ok and I'm on light duties,if in the new year I am still unable to do my jod I shall be redeployed to another post in hospital,anyway just wanted to give you a bit of my history first,the question is I want to get a friend to update my C.V,do i need to put my fibro and arthritis on it and what I can/can't do?wanted to update encase hospital haven't got job for me and I need to work elsewhere,I feel very limited as to what I can do but realy want to work,or at least do my best,I don't know what I will do if I can't work,I'm struggling with general stuff at home,I want to be positive and try and stay working.

Thanks if you are able to take the time to reply...xx

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I think it would be a good idea to mention your fibro and arthritis that way you are being honest about your abilities, whoever your prospective employer is then has the choice of taking on an honest employee who can do light duties, or missing out on a good worker who is trying to work even though they might not be capable of heavy work. Does that make sense?? I hope you know what I am trying to say!!!



I'm not really sure how to answer you as i am unable to work, I have done some voluntary work but that caused me a lot of problems with fibro symptoms. I have been trying to find something I could do but the problem is that fibro is so predicable that I can't always do what I have planned. like today i have woke up and aching everywhere so it is a pj day for me.

But to answer your question about your CV i would be honest about fibro etc as I think the employer should know just so that they can help you as and when needed?

I'm sorry I can't help you more but each one of us have to learn what our triggers are and how to pace our self's and what is good for one is not for another

I wish you well and hope that you can sort it out for what is best for you

good luck


Thanks bacalao and yes it does makes spence,and thanks irenegee for your input and I hope things get better for you as the day goes on.i shall have to get friend to do for me and word it right,I won't be able to get my head around doing it properly,it would look a right mess!!x


Hi - For me I would not put personal medical information on your CV but keep that for the Occupational Health Department to discuss medically what you are able to do and not do - and think about what you will need - like regular rest breaks - how many hours you can work - that you can start off at x amount hours and may need to reduced etc. perhaps they would be able to help you find a suitable placement for your redeployment? You have alot to think about in this situation. Wishing you good luck in making positive changes to make work work for you. x


Thanks reflections,problem with N.H.S is if they can't find me a suitable placement in the 3 months they can sack me!so need to think about other things I can do :(


I wouldn't put it on my c.v, but i would tell them as i think being honest is always the best policy and they can make allowances for you if they do employ you, when you do get a job ask the h.r department to do a work place risk assessment for you and they can then supply you with any additional equipment you might need to make it more comfortable and easier to access eg chairs with better back support


Will do louisejtaylor,thats a good idea,thanks for that :)


I worked at the Jobcentre and I would not put any medical problems on your CV it is not the place for them. I would wait til you have an interview to discuss and problems that you might have. You do not want to put off any prospective employer before you get through the door. Your CV is the place to sell yourself, your strengths and experience. Good Luck x


Thanks for that fine,I'm in a right pickle this morning,iv got a docs app shortly,think I will rent my concerns later about work,partners,infact everything later in a new post,been off work for 6 wks,nt sure whether to get another sick note or push myself to get back to work,I'm in a right mess!! :(


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