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Hello everyone

Yesterday I have received new antidepressants called Amitriptyline. I had to stop Duloxetine after nearly a year due to bad side effects. Does anyone have any experience with Amitriptyline?

Also due to feeling really sick today I had to take one day off at work and I am not a ball of stress I will lose my job. I been diagnosed with fibro and CFS by gp and my work managers do know about it. I work 4 days but I tend to take extra day sickness every month or so due to having really bad days. Is this a reason to dismiss me legally if they wanted?

Thank you for all your answers


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  • I am not an expert but I wouldn't have thought they could get rid of you straight away, there has to be warnings first. Look into your Contract of Employment and see what it says.

    The government site GOV.UK can help with employment issues, and as the DWP recognises fibro there is a duty of your employer to offer flexible time where appropriate and also to change the workplace to accommodate your needs. Again look on the website, you may have to click several links to find it but it is there.

    As far as your medication is concerned I take it at night and find it very helpful. You may need to take it about seven in the evening to avoid feeling groggy the next day.

    Hope this helps


  • Thank you for your reply and the advice about timing my meds my gp didn't mention specific hour :)

    Believe it or not I only have a verbal contract with my company although I have been with them for 3 years. Ha they are ones that cannot be bothered with writing anything for their employees :/ I will take a closer look at gov UK looked at citizen bureau advice this morning. Hope it's all in my head and I'm over thinking again.



  • Hi there, welcome- firstly the amitrip are really antidepressants which also help with sleep and pain, infact many pills today, made for other illnesses have been found to help with pain; I would say to you see how you go, maybe take your amitrip around 5-6pm so that by bedtime they are working and help you sleep, As for work, how long have you been with your employer? Workers have to right to be protected during serious illness, getting used to new medication and reducing their hours to cope with a working day. Are you in a Union? Try to find yourself a welfare Rights officer on Google in your Town or near and make appt to see them. We have a lady on our Forum here who will help with things like ESA to help you if you cut down your hours and also how to apply for PIP.. Good luck and keep intouch with us

  • Thank you for your reply and your advice I never realised about the welfare right officer will definitely give it a go and search for it. As for union no I am not and I have been with my employer for 3 years now :) Thank you again and will keep you posted I am full of hope with Amitriptyline after so many bad experiences with duloxetine

    Take care and hugs


  • Amitryptyline only works as an antidepressant when it is taken over a certain mg

    Lu xx

  • Hi i was onamitriptyline but it didnt agree with me it made me feel paralysed in the morning i couldnt moved for up to 30 min give or take it did where off but i didnt like it it doesnt happen to every body and i am on a lot of tablets so maybe it was just that

    Thank you for reading


  • Hello

    That sounds absolutely awful I just seem to be having stomach pain after taking one of them yesterday. I hope you found a better medication for yourself it is such a struggle :(

    Take care hugs


  • Thank you unfortantly everything i try works then doesnt its like i get used to them quicky

  • Hi Kami,

    My Dr put me on amitrip at the beginning of this year for a flare following major surgery. It did help me get to sleep easier but it gave me really vivid nightmares and dreams. Unfortunately it didn't help with the pain much for me,

    Hopefully you have a different experience 😊


  • Hey

    Thank you for a reply Sorry to hear that you have been struggling with pain. I hope too it helps me I have tried so many medication already. Hope you are better!



  • Hey Kami,

    Usually i manage to work through my full time job and do the usual keep putting one foot in front of the other. But I started a flare o Sunday night and had to have yesterday and dr says next two days off work. He's just put me on steroids to settle it. Its4am in NZ so obviously sleep is still an issue lol.

    I'd be interested to hear how you go taking amitrip. For some people it's great.

  • Hey

    Flare ups are the worst:( I had major problem with sleeping on duloxetine it gave me restlessness in my legs. I feel for you not being able to sleep it's horrid:( . I will keep you posted about how I feel on the Ami I'm just worried about weight gain:O

    You rest well on your days off hope you are ready to go back to work soon! Wish you all the best


  • Thank you xx and weight gain was my fear too - tbh I did gain weight then it all pretty much fell off once I stopped taking it.

  • I actually take amitiptyline too but not as an anti depressant more to help me sleep at night, they should only be taken at night due to how drowsy they do make you. I have never felt sickness from them just very dizzy the next day

  • Hi Simmeke83

    Amitryptyline helps with low mood, pain and sleep.

    At a certain mg it also works as an antidepressant.

    Try taking it around 6pm to save getting that groggy feeling the next day.

    As to your employment do you have an HR dept and/or a Union?

    It would be a good idea to seek the advice of your Union if you have one.

    Other than that I think it would be a good idea to make an appointment with the CAB and talk it over with them.

    Your employer cannot just sack you. Verbal and written warnings have to be given first.

    I very much hope that the Amitryptyline works well for you.

    Wishing you less pain and more peace

    Lu x


  • Hey

    No unfortunately no HR department or union at my place. Will have to contact CAB if things go wild at my place. Just fed up with the stress of taking day sick it should not be this way :(

    Thank you for your advice



  • Hi Kami

    That is a shame :(

    You definitely cannot just be sacked. You do have to be given a certain number of warnings first.

    You're right - I was always made to feel that I was just lazy if I took a day off poorly.

    Hugs. Lu xx

  • They can get rid of you for your attendance but not if you put sick not in if you see gp and they say your not fit for work then put a sick not in till you do feel well enough to go back I've been on the sick since April last year you get ssp then esa hope that explains some of your questions not sure over tablets never took either good luck Simmeke83 Carol xx

  • Hi Simmeke83 i was on duloxetine and the side effects were horrible, I've since went back on my amitriptilyne, and I take them earlyish in the evening, sometimes I suffer restless legs which is annoying but they help my pain and sleep so think it's worth it, but not everyone is the same. I do hope they work for you. xx

  • Simmeke I take amytriptalene only been on it since around June I take 30mg at present find it's ok but if necessary I can increase it as advised by my GP - what I've found is that first thing in the morning I have a very very dry mouth but as day goes on it disappears.

    Sorry can't help you on the front as been retired now for 10 years and I know things have changed a lot in the workplace but I think bluebell is right you need to have had written warnings before anything can happen - the admin team are pretty clued up in these things so keep asking and I am sure they will help you. Take care and wish you well. 😘😘😘

  • Hi Simmeke83

    I can see that you have been given some wonderful replies and advice so I will simply and sincerely wish you all the best of luck my friend. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hello

    So some time passed on new meds. First week was awful I thought I am going to drop dead was so tired. It improved a bit but today I'm currently at work barely standing on my feet I'm so sleepy and my body has zero energy. Seeing a doctor next Saturday yet again. Feeling a bit fed up with finding the right meds and trying to get appointment while work doesn't believe me one bit I am ill. I wish I could sit down now but I haven't even a chair here and it's still 3 h to go... Hope you are all having pain free day !


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