what to do ??? some help needed please

Hi everyone need some advice or support.

I have been of work for the last eight weeks with my fibro. have an appointment friday at docs feel no different still struggling.

my manager is calling asking if i will be at work next week as they need me !!!!

but they have offered me voluntary redundancy, been trying to get a meet with them for the last 10 weeks to get numbers financial, appointment got.

my question is do i go back to work then sort out redundancy which i want to take because of my poor health. or do i go on the sick and then get in touch with them do not know what to do

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  • ih i dont think you should go back to work if you are not fit enough or up to it i cannot see where it would ake any difference it would make to your volentery redundancy if you went backor not but i am in no way an expert n this so dont take what i sauy as true but someone may know

    go to your dr on fri abnd tell them that you are not fit or well enough for work and see what he says and also it may be worth talking to CAB or if you cant get there as they are normally qued out if you put CAB in google then your area they wil give you an email address for your local branch and e mail them what you want to know i have done this andd got a reply with 24 hours so ay be worth a try love to you and good luck diddle xx

  • thankyou diddle for advice

  • If you are too ill for work, and it sounds as if you are, then go on the sick. Ask your manager about the voluntary redundancy.

    Your health and well being are way more important than how busy they might be at work!

    Julie xx

  • by the way ladies have called the rcn my union and got them on board x

  • My boss was bugging me for the last three-and-a-half months of my 5 month sickness absence, as another full-timer was off sick, too, and we're already short-staffed. It makes you feel horrible! But you do have to put yourself first, and remember that, if you're struggling now, you'll be on your knees if you're trying to work. When you've always put the hours in, and you've got someone guilt-tripping you into returning, it's so hard to stick to your guns, but just remember that work will go on long after we're all in the ground - we're not indispensible, and we owe it to ourselves to put our health first.

    If you have Occy Health or a union, get them involved, and ask about the voluntary redundancy; if your boss gets too pushy, you might need to mention that, too!

    Sara xx

  • thankyou have called the rcn union and got the ball rolling you are right i must remember it is only a job and not my life its because i have always loved my job and find it hard xxx but thanks you are right

  • Don't despair, webby. There are many types of work available in nursing or in it's peripheral industries. Talk with your Occupational Health Rep, as well as the RCN.

    I am a former nurse myself, and I know there is stuff available for folk with your knowledge.

    Cheers, Midori

  • Hi. I am in that position now with a boss wanting me back (off since mid-March) and I am finding it so very difficult, at times feeling horribly guilt ridden. Terrified that when I do go back they will just wait to see how long I manage before I struggle again

    I received a call to say that I had to return by 1st Sept in good health wih no risk of falling sick again. What are the chances of that? You are right Sara, health must come first and thanks for putting things in perspective and for your wise words. Veronica xxx

  • I was being bugged when I was off work to help out with coursework marking - so I spent ages marking the IT portfolios only to find that my notes hadn't been passed on to the kids - I could have just assessed them in a fraction of the time :-( It was one of the things that hardened me against doing school stuff whilst off ill - I was setting work that wasn't being passed on too; all very frustrating and exhausting too.

    If I ever get well enough to work again I will not put my health at risk for the sake of a job, it just isn't worth it.

    Julie xx

  • hi id stay on the sick and areange a meeting with work and sort out voluntary redundant but ask about figures first before you make decisons.good luck.

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