Memory Loss

Hello everyone.

I wonder how you all are with memory as part of the Fibromyalgia picture? Mine is just terrible and rapidly getting worse. I'm getting quite worried about it. I write things down and forget I've written them, I forget appointments, I can't think of words so am beginning to struggle to express myself.

Does anyone else find this is a problem? Can anyone suggest anything to help? I was taking ginko biloba a while ago but haven't recently as broke.

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  • I can totally sympathise there I think you are probably having a bad episode of fibro fog... So far this week I put my purse on the bed , put on my coat and promptly got on my mobility scooter without money or list had to come back once I got to supermarket when I realised as yet the list has not appeared fortunately purse was still on the bed. Just got back from the gps had an appointment and to collect prescriptions as well ... Asking for prescriptions I managed to mix up mine and my husbands name to make two unintelligible words ... Fortunately I got the surname right so the receptionist found them... Then she very kindly told me my first name.. :)..

    VG x

  • Hi Devavoce, my memory is getting so bad I sometimes think I have onset early dementia! I can't always remember if I took my pills and I could get a pill box but this would rely on me remembering to put them in there in the first place! Memory loss is typically fibro and I think it happens to the vast majority of sufferers. Does ginkgo help with this?

  • Argh..... Pills YES..... I usually take 2x 200mg of ibruprofen but bought 400mgs the other day ..... then realised I had been taking a double dose of 800mg at a time! Crazy.... I too am wondering if I have dementia setting in.... others are noticing. Thanks for your comment!

  • I too have memory problems, really worries me as I am 60 and keeping thinking I am starting with dementia. I tried Ginkgo too,but didn't feel much different and as you say it can come a bit expensive especially when you don't work. Maybe someone else can recommend something to take that isn't so dear. I take vitamin D, some say this helps, but jury out on that one.

  • Sadly fibro fog is a side effect of fibromyalgia but also some of the drugs we take like Gabapentin and Lyrica work on the brain and the biggest side effect is short term memory loss. I sometimes think we are in a no win situation. Lists are a good idea :-)

    Piggie hugs xxxx

  • i also memory loss i can watch an advert everyday is comes on and most of the day too and i have to ask my partner wot it was all about everytime i watch it am i going insane ?

  • We all make fun of it cause what else can you do but lists for lists is how we all cope. It can be very funny and sad too but I just keep working on the grey cells to make them keep doing things in the hope that will help. Now where was I - xgins

  • My memory has improved lately, and have put this down to having to come off ALL meds, bar paracetamol or Ibruprofen when pain unbearable in head and neck. Just have to ignor the every day pain. Also Dr. decided that some of my pain was from the side effects of the actual pain relief! So, guess the choice is less pain and not being able to remember what you are doing or some days even who you are! Or more clarity of mind but so much pain some days, that you get distracted trying to block out the pain. I haven't quite decided what is worse yet, altho' the itching side effect is well worth being without!! XX

  • I suffer memory loss too. I dont like phone calls to or from people I dont know or dont know very well, becoz I forget words I want to use or I forget what Im talking about, then there is an awkward silence while Im waiting for my brain to kick in again, and the person on the other end thinks Ive hung up!! I write lists too, but forget where Ive put them, or I write a "to do list" and forget to do half of the things on it. I just make a joke of it now. Family and friends say Ive always been nuts, so the memory loss is nothing different. Theyre used to it now and we just laugh about it. I do get annoyed with it sometimes, becoz Ive always been quite organised, but life is just chaos now and theres not much I can do about it. So if I forget an appointment or whatever, too bad!! Its part of the Fibro and its with me forever now.

  • Hi Devavoce, i also have problems with memory, i aksed my doctor and he suggested it would be medically induced dementia ie i am on amitritoline and citalopram, both of these cause induced dementia (not dementia) just wont get better or worse while you are on these sort of medicines? hope this helps a wee bit for you my best wishes Kimmy xx :-)

  • I'm not on any meds for the fibro as I can't tolerate them but I still have the memory loss. I have a large bright coloured diary as I lose the small ones, if I don't write appointments in there, they don't happen because I don't remember. When I changed my car, I chose one the colour of Kermit the frog (much to my son's horror) because I'm always forgetting there I park. I hate going anywhere I'm not familiar with as it makes me feel disorientated and panicked and I have to record all my lectures as I forget what they've told me so quickly, luckily I also get provided with a lovely helper who takes notes for me, carries my books and is generally helpful too or I would never have coped with being at Uni.

    I did write a poem about it all once but I've forgotten where I put it! I'll post it here if I ever find it again :)

  • Oh dear, yes!!! I often start to go my slippers or even bare feet!! I start a sentence and forget mid way what I was going to say!! I wonder where my car keys are and they're in the ignition!! I forget if I've taken my meds or not!! I thought it was because I've recently hit 55 but maybe not eh??

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