I have got very annoyed with myself Why? I cannot remember!Seriously silly things getting lost in the house.I get into the car or on my scooter and find myself checking bag looking for mobile although less than 10mins earlier I have put them safe to go out!

It becomes a joke for me going anywhere apart from my garden.

Anyone experienced this? Is it FM or the meds?

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  • Quite often I find I'm away with the fairies, very easily distracted from whatever it is I'm supposed to do, I write lists for shopping that are never with me when I get to the shops, my keys should be permanently attached always losing them, I could go on, so I think it must be a fibro thing. xx

  • Probably BOTH . 😞

  • Yes, yes,yes! Mine comes and goes but on a bad day I am hopeless. I have to treble check my bag before I go out and can never remember where I left things. Tip that has helped me is to have phone, iPad, kindle, and specs cases in bright colours so they stand out and leave phone off silent so you can call it to find it. I have a box inside the front door which keys go into straight away. And like Lou never have the shopping list!!!

  • I don't think it is just a fibro thing as my OH who has Epilepsy has to be checked out when he goes anywhere like a child, e.g.g front door key. phone. wallet, shopping list? so I blame alot on these meds. If I am tired or have done too much I am much worse. I'm also no good first thing in the morning or last thing at night. I have a window of opportunity between about 10-2 and then the brain seems to go haywire.!x

  • I am the same. I once lost car keys and had to pay £137.00 to get replacement. Then a month later found them in the box I normally keep them . Have to check everything twice before leaving house. Even then sometimes get to supermarket and think I have forgot to lock my front door. I am only 52 and have memory of 80yr old . Think some of it is Fibro and some medication.

  • everytime I leave the house I have to go back for something or other that I've forgotten. Neighbours must wonder if I have OCD x😀

  • Hm, I lost a day couple of weeks ago. Wrote a lovely message to my daughter hoping she was going to have a good day at work.

    Message back : It is sunday, mother.

    Me: No it's not because yesterday was saturday so today is sunday! I was so convinced, it frightened me afterwards.

    They are coming to take me away haha! Blasted pills.xx

  • Someone once said to me If we think we are going mad then we're not (don't know about that one) ha ha x Still can't understand It x

  • Don't know it is but I turned up to nursery an they asked had I forgotten something. Didn't Av a clue what? It was my 4yr old little boys birthday!!!!! Thank god as da was just around the corner. Wouldn't mind but I had gone on an on saying to myself don't forget sweets cakes and toys for his party in nursery!!!!!! Now I know I'm losing the plot ha

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I have to admit that I do get like that from time to time and it is so annoying! I could kick myself when it happens. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Everyday unfortunately 😞 I am thankful my daughter goes through a checklist!

  • It comes and goes with me, although I lost my glasses on Monday and still haven't found them :o

    The bright side is that most of my family now understand when I do forget things and now make allowances for it :)

  • Hi

    Back on the case which one is yet to be determined(ha-ha)

    I have bright glasses cases bright glasses too most of the time.Acid green mobile phone cover and have lost count how many times I ring it to locate it when mostly I have put a pile of paper over said phone.


    I lost one door key out earlier this year.Locked myself out my neighbour with spare on hols and I had left mobi indoors!

    A kindly neighbour rang hubby at work and he had to come home to let me in! Dogs were out with me so very funny in retrospect.

    Now keys have large highly coloured loop attached and never in same pocket as poo bags!

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