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in memory of my Max

in memory of my Max


As time goes by I never forget

My trusted friend my beloved pet

I think of you every day

My love for you ne'er goes away

Forever in my heart my friend

My love for you will never end

You were more than just a pet

A loving soul I'll never forget

They say time heals but its still hard

Cos you're not here to be my guard

I sometimes see you on the stair

Then I remember you're not here

I look at your photos every day

Remembering the good times that came our way

Life wasn't the same when you departed

I was so very broken hearted

I so miss you eight years on

Don't know where time has gone

I couldn't let you suffer so let you rest

Letting you go was for the best(for you)

I loved you so much,that'll never go away

Until we meet again some day

The day you passed I could only cry

There was a rainbow in the sky

Now every time I see a rainbow

I think of you my beloved boy.

Miss you so much.RIP.Max.

Hope you're happy at the Rainbow Bridge.

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should have posted on pets corner so don't know how it ended up on fibroaction!

Hi there,

It will always show up here, it's just if you click on the pets corner tab it will show there, I put my one of Mr B and Poppie as Pets Corner but it shows here as well :-)

Cherish your memories of Max and carry on loving your dogs with you now, as I know you do so well :-)

Happy Christmas

Thanks foggy.he will always have a place in my heart

Our special doglets always do, I so miss my lovely Gertie, she used to love Christmas and particularly opening parcels, which was such fun :-)

Make the most of the ones you have now so that you a will always have memories to cherish and carry you through :-) :-)

I'm curled on the sofa with my two now :-)

Foggy x

lucky you.always one of them on my sofa and no room for me to lie down.

How wonderful to have such memories, hope you are having a restful time. Lou xx

Thanks Lou.he really was such a special dog

No matter how long, or short, an animal allows us to share in its life - it will leave a very special place in your heart. Those of us who have the companion of a dog will now the bond we shar.

Others will come after, never the same, but equally as speical.

We know when the time s right to let them go no matter how painful it is for us. There is no more pain for them - just us who are left behind.

Miss them yes. Remember them yes. But the here and now time. Time for hose we have is NOW. Enjoy that special bond with your new friends.

Tuck those memories away in your own heart where you can cherish them alone.


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Thanks Paton.that's so true.I love my two I have now but no one will ever replace the bond and love I had with max.

Lost you in mt messages. Can you send meaage?

Pat x

Hi Pat not sure what you meant "lost me in your messages"?

We all have a private message box where we can contact each other away from groups. You messaged me a while back and now it has gone! Modern technology has deleted all trace of you.

Pat x

Hi Pat.tried to send a message but it wouldn't send.away now til tomorrow.speak to you after.

That is so beautiful, and I can truly understand why you loved him so much.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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