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Had my flu jab yesterday!

Had my flu jab yesterday!

I took the opportunity to have my flu jab yesterday. As I work in the health service it is offered free to all employees. I definitely don't want to get flu!!! I took a risk as I already had a sore throat yesterday, and have had 3 hectic days with work including 2 train journeys to London (90 minutes on the train/tube) It really takes it out of me :-( .

Yesterday the battery went flat, and today I am a bit lack lustre. I wonder if it is just the accumulation of the week or my flu jab starting to create my antibodies exacerbating and taking up what valuable energy I have. Well thank goodness it is the weekend, and I haven't got anything planned but Strictly and X-Factor!!

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I had my jab yesterday as well, and tho' I can't say that I reacted to it, I did feel unusually whacked, so maybe it was the jab wot dunnit!

As you say, the body probably does use up extra energy making those antibodies, and we fibrettes don't have enough energy to start with.

Feeling a bit tired and useless is a small price to pay for avoiding the dreaded 'flu, so I'm glad I had it done.

Hope everyone else is benefiting from their flu jabs and looking forward to the weekend's entertainment.

Luv ,,, Moffy x


I had mine two weeks ago and all went well (no side effects i can think related to it). i had it last year but then got the winter vomiting bug which was much worse than any flu i've ever had. that was a nightmare!

take care all

x J


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