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help with swollen wrist

I use a stick to walk as I have problems with balancing and getting dizzy, but its putting a strain on my wrist and its swelling up and its more painful. Anyone got any ideas what I can do????

I have just been put on Mirtazipine which is an anti-depressant and a sedative,has anyone tried it, and are there any side effects?

Thanks for reading.

Sue x

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i would suggest going back to whoever you got the stick from (gp? physio?) and tell them about it, and see if they can offer you a solution.

sorry, I'm not on any meds other than supplements so can't help you with the side effects question.


Hi it may be you could do with a crutch to eleviate the pressure points. Do try cold compresses to reduce swelling and try not to use your cane too much. Then get an appointment and see the physio/ therapist/doc who gave you your sticks. You can get a stick with a soft grip handle which does help a bit Good luck xgins



Can you go back and see your doctor, incase you have done something unrelated to it? You could strap it up and if your balance is bad maybe a frame it the way forward until you feel less dizzy.

Piggie hugs xxxxx


Not on meds myself so cannot help with that one. Is there a chance you have repetitive strain injury? My mother in law uses a stick and this happens to her and then she has to try and mange without it for a while. But I told her to buy one of those elasticated wrist straps and when she uses her stick she puts it on, no problems since. You can buy the wrist straps from the likes of Poundland or Poundworld, failing that, Boots xxxxx


I've been using a stick for years and its affected my wrist too. Local hospital gave me crutches and my physio is ordering me some better ones today that hopefully will be easier on my hands. She also recommended I sleep in wrist splints and although this isn't particularly comfortable it is helping a little bit.


I use a stick and have problems with both my wrist being weakened - I had a ganglion removed just over 2 years ago and carpal tunnel in the opposite wrist this year. I use a stick with a softer handle and occasionally use tubigrip to support the wrists, especially the one I carry the stick in.


Thanks for all the advice very helpful. Going to the docs tomorrow to ask for a wrist splint to see if that helps.

I have got a ganglion aswell onthe left hand where i use my stick lol. It just seems to be one health problem after another, Sue xx


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