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anti-depressants are helpful

when I was well I was so laid back I was coming round the other way! The last thing I thought I'd need were anti-depressants.

My gp told me I wasn't a diabetic.

He then asked if I were would I take Insulin? I said yes.

Well, he said, you are lacking another body chemical, an imbalance; will you take a supplement?

When I agreed he told me it was an anti-depressant because of low seratonin levels.

What a geniious! put that way it made such sense. it still does.

please don't be put off by old beliefs, they can help. it is not weakness,

regards, sandra

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Sandra99b Morning hope the boost to your seratonin will make a difference you have to keep trying x gins


I agree, I have been on anti depressants for 7 months and although I still have all the other health problems, the antideressants help me cope bette and I don't panic anymore xx


I got put on anti depressants about 3 years ago but it was to help with my sleep and they work well I get much more sleep than I used to I get about 4 hours most nights. However I hate to think how I would feel if I weren't taking them I'm depressed as is is so I don't see me coming of them any time soon.


Thank you Sandra99 - I have been on anti depressants for 2 week now, amitriptaline and Sertraline.... I didn't and still don't like taking them because I am not depressed !!!

But your explanation puts a whole new light on things and I can now suddenly see why I am taking them. I just wish I had the same Doctor as you to actually explain things to me.

Thank you again xx


I have antidepressants too, but they don't seem to be having the muscle relaxing effect they are supposed to, I still have unrefreshing sleep! I was dawn before I got off to sleep so I put my radio on quietly to help a bit.

I have too much stress currently in my life, what with trying to move and sell a surplus house and a son who has been totally failed throughout his life by the System, as well as fighting for DLA and many other things. Physio on Wednesday knocked me out so much that I came out and sat in a chair in the hospital corridor for more than half an hour before I could drag myself to the hospital entrance to call a taxi! I haven't had the strength to shop this week, I'm just living out of packets and tins.

Low care and No Mobility! What a crock of brown and sticky stuff! (I don't mean Marmite!)

Cheers, Midori


Hi Midori

Hope things start to fall into place for you soon.

I am slowly just coming out the other side. My property should be reaching exchange in just over a week.

In your fight for DLA use every bit of info you can. Plenty of examlpes on here i.e. going to the toilet. Talk their heads off and use your hospital appointment as example too. Good luck Fi xx Off to eat my marmite crisps, lucky you did not put me off :)


Hi Sandra, totally agree with what your GP has told you. So many people see taking antidepressants as a weakness but why suffer if you don't have to. I have been taking them on and off for many years and quite honestly would probably not be here without them. I hope you begin to feel much better very soon. Take care, Angela x


Hi,I don't take any of the seratonin type antidepressants but reached 75mg of amitriptylline at night as help for fibro pain. It was the consultant at a pain clinic who pushed the dose as high as that.

When amitriptylline first came on the drugs market it was for use as an antidepressant then after a few years it was realised that patients taking it as an anti depressant also had reduced pain levels and so it found a use was found a supplimentary pain reliever.

I find for me personally that it works well, fairly quick to sleep and not waking much in the night. In the morning it is easier to get going, not so stiff and awkward.

I know from other blogs that it doesn't work for every one, some people not coping with side affects, but this is my own personal experience.

Best wishes


Hi Sandrs. What a lovely wat your doctor put this. Thank you for sharing xx


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