I don't know if this has been covered before...itchy ears!

I am being driven crazy by itching in the ear canal. I know that itch/scratch is a vicious circle but really don't know what to do. I asked a pharmacist if there was anything I could do and was told NO! I itch a lot in general and particularly when trying to go to sleep or maybe i just notice it more then. If anyone has any remedies please let me know. Thanks

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  • I haven't found a fix yet - mine have driven me mad for years. Not much help to you I know, but at least you're not alone :)

  • Thanks so much for the link...not many answers but as always nice to know I'm not alone.

  • Hey Bumble. I don't so much suffer with itchy ears, but do get itchy eyes and my skin in general does itch quite badly. It's always been worse when I'm really tired - which is most of the time now, thanks to Fibro! - and drives me nuts. I mentioned it to my GP recently and he arranged for blood tests to check my liver. The results came back fine, so I'm not closer to finding out what causes it. Very frustrating!!

  • Thanks kestrelflyer, the itchy ears have just woken me again! My eyes are slightly itchy but nothing compared to the ears. I've had my liverfunction tested too and it's fine...i suppose we should be thankful tht something is ok! lol Take care

  • Oh bless you Bumble! You're right though, we should be grateful our livers are working!! Hope you manage to get back to sleep soon. xx

  • I`ve had this for years and like you it`s starts up when i go to bed although can bother me in the day.I`ve started to wake up with a crusty stuff in my ears seeing g.p who told they were o.k last year although every other g.p iv`e had has given me stuff for exma,although that didn`t always work.You have my sympathies on yet another thing to have to put up with hugs Bumble54

  • yes, mine itch during the day but I can be distracted by other things.....everything seems so much worse at night and the nights are so long waking with pain so many times...at least the sun was shining today :)

  • Hiya, yes i too have itchy ears, its enough to drive you madd at night, they wake me up and i run to the bathroom for a cotton bud to scratch them, then they start to sting, don't know which is worst.

  • I've just heard from a friend that a drop of olive oil might help...going to give it a try tonight. heat a few drops of olive oil and dip a cotton bud...gently wipe it around the inside of ear...anything is worth a go!

  • Oh my word, finally people who get the ear thing! Its driving me insane. I have awful tinitus do you other itchy ear people get that too?

    Night is worse for me my and sleep is very poor.

    My c*ap GP insists its caused by swimming (which I havent done in years) and using ear buds which I use very rarely.

    A good GP that was very helpful until he left the practice having only been there a coulple of months told me the ear is full of tiny nerve endings so if you have a nerve problem then it's likely to also effect the ear such as in my case!

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