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Wondered if anyone has this problem


The doctors changed my pain killers from co-dydamol to co/codamal so I can have stronger pain killers to see if it helps pain bit when walking, but still don't make any diference lol but since being on co/codamal found that have had tonsilitus bad few times ended up in bed. When I was on co-dydamol had sore throught every day but at least didn't end up in bed with it apart from bad fibro flaire ups. I'm also geting more problems with dry mouth and throught/mouth watering itching and feeles like chocking and sensation of going to be sick, drowning sensation

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I've not had this problem myself but I do think you should consider going back to your GP and asking for an alternative since co-codamol doesn't seem to suit you.

Take care

Julie xx


My goodness Rags, that sounds awful for you. You shouldn't be getting reactions like tonsillitis from either Co-codamol or Co-Dydramol and if taking either of these meds give you this, your Doctor needs to know.

A dry mouth and throat, itching etc are all common side effects of medications like Amitriptyline. I get this and was told this was common, so although it's annoying I don't worry about it. You may be getting these side effects from other meds you are taking?! What are your other meds?

However a choking and drowning sensation is not pleasant and shouldn't carry on. You need to see your GP/Consultant to have your meds reviewed. They are clearly making you feel worse and not helping you at all. You have enough to contend with having Fibro, you don't need meds that cause these reactions and feelings.

As soon as you are able, please see your Doctor and report back to us letting us know how you got on. Failing that, if you aren't well enough to go to the surgery/hospital, call a Doctor out to see you.

I hope you feel better soon, you shouldn't have to go through this. Take care. Here's a hug for you.

Rags do go back to the doctor I really do not think you should be suffering like this! take care x gins


i hate this medicine.i have severe i.b.s and it hates my body so much.it leaves me constipated so badly,it doesnt take the pain away and so now i have it on repeat despite me telling my g.p how it makes me feel.

i also have the sore throat alot,dry mouth,and i also dribble alot in my sleep which is not nice for fella waking upto.

ive been told its my nite meds..

I have taken it too. I have double vision also feel so sick, dry mouth, head feels like its being shaken. So I would go back to Docs asap and tell him. They took me off the meds at the hospital.Its not suiting you. All the best x


hi i have been on co codamol for about 5 years nowi have 8/10 a day as wella s my other meds abnd i dont have the tonsilitis that youspeak of but i do get a dry mouth and i do have the feeling of chocking sometimes and that i cant swallow

perhaps you should go and see a gp and see if thereis an alternative to co codamol love to you diddle xxx

i have co-codamol but they make me light headed and drowsy, also get very hot. i was on codeine phosphate before that and they were worse before that they gave me Tramadol!! i ended up just passed out all the time! as i have an autistic son and hubby with parkingsons i had to stop them all ( also on amatryptalene and fluxatine) and have paracetamol and lots of prayers, and trying to work through it or mostly just curl up and cry in the shower as don't want to let the family see how much pain im in. dr's not sure what meds to put me on as need a balance between killing the pain and being sons hubbys carer and the fact i seem to be sensitive to most meds.

I take co-codamol 30/500's usually just at night as they make me too sleepy during the day. I get sore throats on a frequent basis, sometimes it feels as though food is getting stuck when I swallow, my mouth gets dry and I get a choking feeling (not always all at the same time though). I have chronic post nasal drip/sinusitis and get a lot of muck going down my throat which doesn't help matters. I also think that part of the sore throat problem may be down to snoring - I've woken myself up doing it.

Recently I've been getting some bad throats and an horrendous choking sensation as it seemed my throat was filling up with gunk, I noticed it wasn't happening every day though. A couple of weeks ago after having a salad I found it happening again & it was then I realised that the sensation was worse after eating salad, in particular after eating the raw red onions. So although not 100% sure I think I may be becoming allergic to them - fine with cooked onions just seems to be raw red ones (and I love them!!!).

Co dydramol suits me better than Co Codamol.

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