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Anyone had success with Gabapentin?

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My GP has talked of me trying this but he doesn't want to try whilst I'm on Fluoxetine so I'm thinking of coming off (only been on 6 weeks) in order to try the Gabapentin.

I'm only down because of the chronic pain so surely it makes more sense to try something that actually treats pain rather than an SSRI.

He gave me some codydramol the last time and that has been more than useless. So tired of nothing working x

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Hi it is worth a try they do work for some same with co.cocodamol that's was no good for me either .there are plenty painkillers to try even with your gabepentin some people on gabepentin go on to pregablin if do not work .I always tend to think your fluoxetine is for depression if that is still an issue you can get something else to go along side gabepentin. Gabepentin and pregablin they say only work on 1/5 people and meant to be for nerve pain worth a try though they tend to help me make me a bit sleepy but everyone gets different side effects or no sideeffects also there are lots of painkillers to try to get pain under control that suits you .and chronic pain courses.

Gabapentin hasn't donemuch for me. also I have been on antidepressants since my late teens. plus mood stabilizers. nothing has helped me. It is different for each individual though. different medications work for different people so you must give it a go and see what happens. no pain killers have helped me either, not even tramadol. I am still being investigated for sjogrens disease as lip biopsy came back inconclusive so it's all still up in the air with medication as on a trial of 2 months steroids which they haven't done much either. pain has been excruciating in my back, shoulders and shoulder blades. I know how you feel with the pain. to top it off I have my pip assessment today which may be setting off this excruciating pain. good luck with gabapentin. xx

In 1996 I tried Gabapentin. I got a lot of relief from it but over time, needed more and more of it to get the same effect. I was on 2700mg which was the maximum daily dose in 2004 when a new Consultant suggested Pregabalin because you take far less of it to get the same relief. I found it was fantastic. I took 75mg twice a day. Later that went up to 150mg twice a day, coupled with Duloxetine from 2008, which is licensed for Fibromyalgia and can replace Fluoxetine. The two together work well for me. Gabapentin is quite an old drug now and very cheap for the NHS. Its successor drug is called Pregabalin. It requires far smaller doses to achieve the same effect, so it is much better for liver function. It is available as a generic drug now so it is not costly.

A lot of women report side effects from both but the only effect I had, was an increase in appetite, so you have to be careful what you eat, or you put on weight. You will find more useful information here on the NHS website

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I found gabapent and pregab unsuccessful- these are really for the after pain of a seizure, they have been found as a good alternative to conventional pain relief but they are not for evryone- codydramol are good for pain so too is co codamol 30/500 on prescription

After being on Naproxen for as long as I can remember, a friend recommended turmeric. Fed up with a constant dry mouth and other side effects I was ready to try anything. I started taking 1 capsule morning and night and gradually reduced the Naproxen over 4 weeks. I have been amazed at the difference this has made; on bad days I still take the Naproxen but these are few and far between. I appreciate this doesn't work for everyone but I would say give it a try :-)

I am on both gabapentin and fluoxetine and I have to say they have worked wonders for me. Given me my life back.

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