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tears this morniing

AAARRGGHHHHH, i have been ripped off by an i tenet compay and there is f all i can do i just found out, my toddler is trying to turn on the gas cooker, throwning my tea and climbing everything and i hurt, i just cannot cope with all this today, i want to curl up into a little ball, its not like i have any family or anyone remotely nr me to help as i live in the middle if dairy ncow land. i have had probs age but since i developed fibro about yr ago things are so much worse and i cant even keep up with looking after the house let alone my toddler who is a nightmare!!!

and why is it wen ur upset or stressede the pain is sooooo much worse???? stress def agrevatesd fibro/ rant over im going to try and drink this tea before he throws my cup again!!!!

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hi tinkerfae it sounds like your having a tuff time at the min if your stressed it does make the fibro worse .how old is your toddler he sounds as if he has plenty of energy ,is there no one around you that could take him for an hour just to give you a break.have you seen your gp for some medication to help with the pain .it sonds as if you could be a bit low from what you have said .i hope your not in to much pain ,theres plenty of us on here if you want a chat ,sometimes off loading your probs is all it takes .take care and a big hug



I think giving your Health visitor a call may help, maybe she can help source a little help for you with your toddler...Ask for a GP visit too re making sure you have the right meds.

At least if you are shown asking for help then its apparent you need it x


hi , bless you looking after children is so hard when you are well let alone when you are having a bad day, i agree phone the health visitor and maybe they can get a family support worker out to you asap, sending you warm comforting hugs x


thanx for advice i never thought health vistor help, i give them a ring, i just changed meds so i slowly going up on gabapentin but its not working yet. feeling bit better now so glad u all here xxx


Hope you rang the health visitor....when my older children were small my hubby was away with the army during the first gulf war, I wasn't coping and my 3rd son had severe addtion needs, I was just a wreck as my eldest was such hard work behaviour wise...I asked for help and got it...I didn't have medical needs myself so I am sure that you will get help... You could also ask for a community care assesment with social services and express that its urgent x


I know its hard and I don't know how you cope with a small child. You're a wonderful person and just remember that housework will never go away so who cares. Do what you can manage and leave the rest. Sounds like you're living in a beautiful place. Better than my 8th floor flat.

Deep breath and start again.

Take care xxx


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