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I work on a small unit and as I was chatting to other nurses

This morning we all discovered that we had fibro.

and that it appeared to be worse for all of us on our left

Side. we are all right handed.

Of course if you were to have a stroke on the right side

Of your brain it would effect your left side of your body

Just wondered if you were all the same.

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Yes vivien I was sent to Neurology to rule out MS because of it a number of years ago, I am affected on both sides now but the left is really quite bad at times. I have moments of numbness, tingling - parathesia, spasms, variety of pain types and sometimes loss of use too :o

I am also right-handed :)

Fibro busting fluffies coming your way and some more for the two girls you work with :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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I am right handed and my right side is worse even though I suffer both sides


Hi I am also right handed and suffer on both sides but my left side is way more painful than my right :-(


Hi vivien60

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I have it on both sides, but mainly on the right but I am left handed. It is quite an interesting question this is?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


All the best people are Ken. Bourbons to you :P


I agree my friend! Einstein, Newton, Ken Jackson! All left handed.


Yes, interesting question. I wonder if there's been any studies or if a straw poll could be done? :)


A poll on left / right handed would make interesting reading when looking at which side most pain is on?


At work are 3 women 4 men. all the men are lefties. What does this mean? Thankfully only 1 is like me.


Morning .. i am right handed and my left side is the worse .interesting question x


Good morning Vivien60

Firstly, to answer your query, I'm right handed and you're correct, I initially noticed the symptoms on my left side. It was a few weeks before both sides became affected - totally confusing me and my doctor. I was initially treated for Sciatica affecting my left side.

Secondly, may I please take this opportunity to express my sincere admiration for you and your two colleagues who continue to nurse and care for us despite having to contend with this difficult condition. Kudos and thanks to all three of you and any others out there.

With your questioning mind and insight we may yet discover new therapies and perhaps a cure?!?

Stay strong and Stay Positive.

Fight the Fibro!!



That is amazing. I am a nurse and ditto to left side being worse and yes I'm right handed. xx


I'm right handed and my pain is worse on the left.You may be on to something, although my whole body is affected the left can be agony while the right is bearable. I wonder if we can get a consensus here?


I also am right handed & although get pain on both sides my worst pain which has always been my knees & legs has always been worse on left hand side


It would be interesting to know how many people

are left handed and have pain worse on there right


Not that it means anything I don't think but it is strange


Right handed and am worse on the left side! My other half has CF and I think undiagnosed Fibro, he is also right handed but he says poss more sore on right but not thought about it! My Osteopath thinks that my left is more sore because as a dog groomer that arm is what holds the dogs steady and if I need them stood holds them up! Xx


I am left handed and my worst symptoms tend to be on my right side. I am much weaker on that side, although on bad days fibro tends to take over every inch of my body.

I am wondering about we lefties, we seem to have a higher incidence of fibro than would be expected in the general population.



Hi All ! This is so interesting, my pain started on left side and later got right side pain too but always worse on my left side, and I am right handed, sending you all gentle hugs Angel xxx


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