Battersea Dog & Cat Home visit today .... inspired by Paul O'Grady

Battersea Dog & Cat Home visit today .... inspired by Paul O'Grady

As a treat for my daughter we went to visit Battersea Cats & Dogs Home - my friend collected us from the train station - so no excessive walking for me ~ thank goodness - I can do the tube once in a while - but a door to door experience makes a big difference.

The trip was a 'deal' in exchange for my daughter taking more responsibility for our dog Harry. We only got him in March and I have no intention of extending the size of MY pack!!! However, we luckily escaped the 'falling in love' moment and I haven't bought home any added extras !!! Another great day and memory making :-)

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  • I love Paul O'Grady's programme, it's brilliant! I want to adopt all the dogs, but we have two already (one adopted from the RSPCA) and insurances are so high etc. I would dearly love another couple of dogs if it weren't for that. :(

  • Ahhh. I have a rescue dog 'Henry' and he is now an important part of our family. I think it is great that Cat and Dog homes are getting such good publicity as there are so many animals who are urgently in need of good homes. Henry keeps me company when I am at home alone (most of the time) and loves me no matter how irritable and grumpy I am - well as long as he gets his dinner! I can't imagine life without him. Jane x

  • It's wonderful adopting an animal and seeing them settle and their own little characters emerge. It's been a joy having our adopted dog from the start, he was a shy, nervous, abused dog - now he's a cheeky energetic little character, so loving and loyal! An absolute joy and a great companion to our other dog. They're family! :) I agree Jane, we can't imagine life without our dogs, bless them x

  • Harry was a true blessing - the opportunity to re-home him came up around the time of my diagnosis. He has given me the motivation to get out and move - he doesn't mind if I traipse slowly around the field! More time for him to run about and meet lots of other dogs. I have met and made friends with other dog owners - we regularly meet up in the evenings. Without my gorgeous Harry I wouldn't have made half the progress that I have :-) I need him as much as he needs me!!!

  • Yes I know the feeling, my two dogs are such a comfort and in their own way they understand and support me as well as the family too. :)

  • thats a amazing and im glad you both did it and i hope she learnt alot and took something from the whole experience too.

    my daughter has raised a french loop since he was a rabbit and shes amazing with him and does all the cleaning and feeding and he goes to shows and hes well cared for.

    but now shes turning into a teenager and doesnt have mum there now as a back up shes told me cant be bothered.

    it hurt some as he was a baby when she got him and hes like a baby,i think it does kids goood to have some responsibility. a lovely blog x

  • I just love that program and Paul makes it such fun even the sad bits:-)

    I too have a rescue He is a little yorkie called Max. He was with a breeder (not a nice one ) and we got him when he was 4, he never came when you called him and did not know about walkies or what to do on a lead. I actually thought he was deaf,you could whistle shout whatever no responce. Then a week or so after we had him he started to trust us and came when we called him,now he plays with toys and goes for walks,even tries to get in our conversation but making funny noises ,if we are chatting. He knows about treats and will get you what ever toy you name. When I am on the phone he brings me his toy one and I have to pretend to talk to someone for him. :-) He is adorable and has helped me so much as when I am bad with my CVFS and FM he never leaves my side, sometimes all day> But even now he wont go out in the dark because he is scared he will be shut out there!! and if people are cross and arguing on the tv he scampers up and shakes till we assure him he is safe........Thank god that people give poor little dogs foreverhomes and some pain can be healed :-)

    Glad you had a good day.

    Hope everyone is having a good day today.....special hugs to all good days..or..bad days ((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))) Gentle ones lol x x

  • How lovely!!! You were VERY brave to enter into the realms of Battersea AND to come out without another set of paws!!! I too love Paul O'Grady's programme, it's been so uplifting to watch. :-D

    I also agree that animals are such a comfort - they really do support you as well as anyone else can!!! I just wouldn't cope anywhere near as well without my rescue cats!! We had a dog too at one time who I miss dearly now (she died at the ripe old age of 16 2 years ago). I just couldn't cope with another dog at this moment but hope to rescue again when my husband retires and he can do the walking. Now I have 3 cats who I love and adore! Although the last few years haven't been without heartache (I lost 2 of the original 5 at a very very young age due to an incurable illness) the love and companionship that they give is something I value greatly.

    When I'm in bed I will be snuggled into, when I'm in my chair there's usually a hopeful pair of eyes looking up at me to take my lap top off my lap so that a love-in can take place!!! I look at the sign that hangs by our back door often and couldn't agree with it more (present company excepted of course!!) "The more I see of people the more I love my cat!!" They accept you unconditionally for the way you are, they never judge or consider you lacking if you have a bad day, as long as they get fed and are loved and warm they're happy!!! Unlike ATOS they don't go by appearances but just love you for being you!! :-/

    I also agree with sammy38 - I encouraged my children to have rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and rats over the years. It's a great way for them to learn not only about loving animals but being generally kind, considerate, caring and responsible. :-)

  • I just looooove Paul ogrady,can't believe it's the last one tonight,it's also not on long enough,an hour would be perfect. I have four dogs two of which are rescue. They have kept me going through being so unwell,it hasn't always been easy but they are so worth it. There's also another programme on tonight bbc2 at 9 o'clock called Wonderland walking with dogs all about owners and their relationships with their dogs,looks very good.

  • thanks for that - i'll be watching! S xx

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