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This makes me so sad!!

I believe I have suffered from FM for most of my life. As a child I found being ticked to be painful, my skin always hurt to touch. The real signs were my arms aching and my weight gain!! Anyway, this is not about FM... this is about the cause and what we take. I personally take NO meds... I believe that immunisations and poisons in our air and food, toothpaste, drinks and water are the main cause of being ill. Pharma meds only mask the problem, we need to heal it... HOW DO WE HEAL IT??

Well these toxins and poisons started the process in our bodies, but did you know that emotions also helped it along. When we have negative emotions from our lives we store the stress and it manifests itself as illness, add to that the poisons we face in our lives everyday and there you have it... a powerful illness that wreaks havoc in our WHOLE BODY... we have Dis-ease!

We need to eliminate the poisons, aspartame, fluoride etc etc.. and then work on our old stored negative emotions... then and only then can we get better.

I want to heal my FM and I will, but it is a slow start. I am an NLP practitioner and spiritual life coach, not to forget a couples counsellor.. and I see all the time the illnesses that emotions can cause. What is someone with my knowledge doing with this illness then??

Well, I was abused as a child and that effects every 'fiber' of my being, so I have healed a whole lot of emotions and now I am digging deeper.

It makes me sad that people go right for the meds rather than look at alternative methods. There is always more going on than we know and we need to look deeper... we need to take control. Most amazing drugs that can help are illegal, or not FDA approved!! I wonder why!?

This video will help you understand how your meds will NOT help you in the long run... if your life matters to you... help yourself xx

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i dont take meds well not for the pain only anti d for my depression as trieds without but couldnt cope and have tried alternatives but thats my choice not to take painkillers as is the choice of people who dop take painkillers


Angied, I wholeheartedly agree that it is the choice of the individual, I just wish the FDA did not rule the world and that people looked within instead of without. Thankyou for reading. x


Angied, I guess also if you are on anti d's then you also would have emotions that are not sorted out, depression is the result of sadness and hurt that has not healed, wouldn't it be great if you could heal all that and never have to take another pharma drug??? Sadly in this day and age it is hard to find cheap/free therapy that works. I spent 23 years in depression, it is a real serious illness, one day I had the lucky break and found a new way to heal it, I have been depression free for a long time now and never get that way anymore. I do wish you well on your journey xx


I personally take meds,because without them I could not function.

I also do tai chi and try to manage fibro as much as I can through pacing myself and relaxation.

I try to find alternative ways to do things and also do arts and crafts which I find very therapeutic.

I dont think people go straight for meds I think people use meds because they help them cope with this terrible illness.

I'm glad for you that you can manage your fibro without any meds....good for you, well done.

heres hoping that we can all continue to manage our illnesses well in whatever way works and continue to have some sort of meaningfull lives despite the fibro



I'm happy for you that you can help yourself n deal with your fibro symptoms in this way.

I have in the past tried alternative methods, but like others have said some meds I have to take and others make life livable.

I'm a tough person, life has at times been unkind (probably the understatement of the century). Taking meds isn't a choice made lightly nor is it a weakness. For some of us it's just about getting through the day n being their for those we love.

I don't advocate that others should or shouldn't take meds, we all need to get through in whatever way helps us best!!

I'm sorry if this doesn't make much sense, it's late n foggy brain not good.

I hope today a good day for all.

Take care gentle hugs love Sheena xxxxxx :-) :-) :-)


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