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accident prone or fibro?

todays saga.walking dogs this morning thought I would take the can of "pet corrector" cos of Annie's persistence in "lunging" at other dogs and me struggling to hold and when I bent down to clean up after her-the lid came off and sprayed my coat.seconds later felt stinging in my leg and stomach .when I got home had a look and the stuff had burnt thru my three layers of clothing onto my stomach .clothes not damaged in any way.rang NHS111 for advice as to whether treat it myself or go to hospital.they suggested A&E.i was going to go to the minor injuries unit at my local hospital but went to A&E,there they dressed my wounds and I waited to see a dr.triage nurse came back and said they were extremely busy and I could go home but if it bothered me to come back or see them nurse practitioner on Monday.not a wasted day but feel should have just stayed local instead of sitting on a bus for 90 minutes.feeling awful cos had nothing to eat or drink since 7 am.stomach pain and head pain feeling nauseous .

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The contents of "pet corrector" that can produce injury requiring hospital treatment must come close to contravention of the Offensive Weapons Act 1996 with the reasonable excuse for carrying such an item been the obvious defence.

The take home message would be don't carry "pet corrector" that has the potential of harming you or your pets.


I'm with Ian on this one. I hope you won't be using this or anything similar again, especially if there are small children running around.


ian that is a bit extreme!it is hardly an offensive weapon unless in the wrong hands .

it has warnings on the advises don't carry in pockets without a lid on.! i would not do anything as stupid and carry it on me without the lid was unfortunate that the lid came off accidentally,the idea of pet corrector is to correct bad behavior and prevent for eg.constant barking,in the right hands it is perfectly safe and came with excellent reviews .it doesn't harm the dogs in any way and acts as a deterrent.


yes it is compressed air but had "white stuff " on my coat.


The white stuff may be an accelerant of some kind, take the can to your next appointment,

are you any better. xx

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As far as I am aware the can is compressed air, if you have burns you must contact the manufacturer as it's clearly unsafe to use such a thing. I hope you recover soon.


Hi Anbuma,

What rotten luck! Do hope it feels better today!

As to the can of Pet corrector it is obviously highly dangerous so through it and write to manufacturer and complain - loudly-

Best wishes




Hi Anbuma, that's unfortunate and sounds a pretty rotten product for dog lovers to use,even against the unloveable dogs! Take it you mean that it seeped or soaked thru to skin not burnt thru. Big difference! It's suprising how many products for all sorts of things are fine when used in the situation they are meant for but become quite horrible in unforeseen situations that can crop up. Chuck it out and use a big stick lol.


Hi Cupi .yes i did mean seeped thru but did have raised red rash/burn on my skin.i wont be taking it out with me on walks,but you can buy special holsters to hold the can.i would never use a stick on mine or any dog-that just exaborates bad behaviour and is animal s an unfortunate accident and it could happen to anyone.


Hi I just carry a small water spray bottle ,for both my boys ,just plain water it's all pyscological , I only have to pick up the spray and they stop barking at postman , anybody coming to my home is handed a spray as soon as they walk in the ,they laugh but it stops jumping barking etc ,and it doesn't hurt anybody ,sorry you got hurt I hope you are able to get yourself sorted .take care Chris x


my annie s like that when it comes to flea treatment of her meds to apply to her skin she runs as soon as I pick up the s the "Hiss "of the compressed air that stops them misbehaving.ill try water spray btu think that wouldn't be effective,


Gosh that stuff sounds like some sort of acid if your skin is red, or at least a high irritant. Doesn't sound like compressed air. Great idea from shadows-walker to use a small bottle filled with water. Hope you're feeling better soon

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I never heard about pet corrector. What are it's constituents?

It sounds almost as dangerous as pepper spray/tear gas, which is only legal here in the US if you use it only for self-defense. You must be over 18 years of age to carry it. Fines if used impoperly can be up to $1,000 US.

I have always considered this product for my dog whose behaviour can escalate under certain conditions - like dogs whose owners wget within meters of you and then suddenly they let you know my dog can't say hi. He gets all excited then goes "red Zone, a term used by Cesar Milan in his dog psychology shows on National Geographic.. I have never followed through with the spray.

I think Hondo needs serious behavioural trainiong and as soon as we get the money we will hire a dog "psychologist!":

Has anyone tried this ciotroen spray?


So sorry to read this and I hope that you are feeling better today.

Please take care of yourself



thanks fine as regards "burns",just all the other stuff going on -ointment to apply to skin rashes ands having to apply bandages to legs.messy job but it relieves the irritation.main problems now are head pain and swelling-scalp And forehead..stomach more sore to touch .only ate breakfast and attempted a meal and only managed 2 sausages and a small amount of potato and veg.the rest went into dogs bowls.

definitely something more going on .need answers.lets hope when I get my test results they show something.could barely walk today from pain.


Seems to me the white stuff might be frost due to the rapid expansion of a gas (like cO2 fire extinguishers do) It's supposed to be an inert gas under pressure to make a hissing sound. The fact your clothes were undamaged help confirm this. It therefore seems like freezer "burn". You're suppose to point it away from yourself and pet. Take care and I hope it heals soon.

Read this

it says Canister chills with prolonged use. That's not a euphemism for teenagers relaxing.

Also says don't point at you or pet :)


I never point it at them- in the air away from press is enough to stop them barking etc.


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