Fibro does NOT like screw drivers lol

....I got all adventurous. My old laptop has been sitting in the wardrobe since it died. The battery died many moons ago and I ran it on the power box. So out of curiosity tonight I brought it down here incase it was just the power box gone and tried it with this new one, no joy. So I got the bright idea of removing the hard drive so I could shatter the hard disc and that way I could get rid of it without fear of anyone getting my info. Well two hours later I am finally here. I knew I had to find the hard drive and the memory boards and new roughly where to find the latter. So I set to work. 40 odd screws later I had the laptop in two pieces, three if you count me snapping off the screen. And I found everything but the hard drive! But although I was finding it all fiddly with the fibromyalgia and having to stand to do the job, I was getting there. But the deeper in I got the smaller the screws got, I could barely see them. So out came Days electricians box. I had a mountain of parts that I knew had to be destroyed but still no sign of the hard drive. I found 4 tiny screws, with the sweat on my brow like a surgeon going in I released them and bingo. It was the last thing to take apart. Good job I was not actually repairing it as I would have had no idea how it went back together. So I was left with the shell and a million bits lol. The screws were too tiny to get to the hard disc inside so I had to force a sharp knife into the gap and jemmy it. Then get the big screw driver in and basically rip the metal casing off. A few cuts and nicks(and plenty of swear words) later and it was off. And there it sat in all its glory, the shiny round hard disc. Now I know how delicate these are, one wrong move and it will shatter into a billion pieces. So I gently put the sharp knife under the outer edge to see how much room I had to maneouvre. Not a lot as it exploded all over me. They are so fragile, So there I was standing in the corner of the kitchen, hard drive in one hand, knife in the other, covered from head to toe in tiny shards and slithers of hard disc!!!!!!! You have to laugh as it had all gone well until then. And I do love taking things apart. Anyway I stupidly started brushing it off my clothes amid yelps as each time a piece went into my fingers or hands and even into my chest area. I look like I have been dragged through a blackberry bush. But it is all done now, in bits neither use nor ornament to anyone. And now here I am trying to type with my fingers dancing all over the place, seering pain in my arms and shoulders and a burning in the neck that would make the queen swear, all because I have over worked them tonight.

Have you over done it today or am I the only daft one around today?


Stay warm and dry if you can


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  • Please warn us all if you decide to retrain and become a surgeon OG ;) Your story sounds like something out of Greys Anatomy!! I hope you are feeling a bit better very soon.Jane x

  • Well I am doing my best to get some replies done on here, but between dancing fingers and bits of me falling asleep I am getting very little done lol xxxxx

  • What can we say ------------ Hope you feel beter today and satisfied in your dismantling LOL

    Take it easy today maybe xgins

  • Well I had fun destroying it and it certainly had a positve effect on how I felt lol xxxxx

  • Oh my in my sleepless state this morning I saw your NOT in capitals and read your title as Fibro does NOT screw drivers, your blog wasn't what I expected , some thing on driving, but it was entertaining hope you and the kitchen have survived ;)

    VG x

  • One of our little things is to misread stuff lol xxxxx

  • Last time I had a dead laptop, I removed the hard drive and fitted it into a a case so I could use it as an external drive, its very useful. My computer was a Mac, they have tiny screws too and you have to use hex drivers for at least half of them - luckily I had a set as I had to buy a set when my son managed to smash the glass in my scanner.

    Its very satisfying to dismantle things isn't it? :) I hope you haven't got any splinters! xxx

  • I have two splinters left that I just cannot get out, will have a nother dig at them later. I love pulling things to bits, gives me great satisfaction xxxxx

  • Hi Ozzy. I am a sucker for taking things apart too. I have my own well stocked tool kit with gadgets and gizmos of all sorts. I love power tools. I cant "fiddle" with stuff like I used to tho, my fingers and hands object to that fiercely, as well as my back and legs. I have a dead fan lying on the floor atm. I was going to put it away for the winter and I noticed the bit that turns it from side to side...wasnt!! So out came the tools.But something went SNAP. Ooops. Now I cant get it back together. I'll have to sort it one way or another tho, cant do without my fan in the summer. Im guna over do it again at the weekend. Im covering my ugly fireplace with MDF. Im all excited coz I get to use power tools, but I KNOW I'm guna suffer after, even during, coz things take me SOOOO long these days. Who needs a man eh??? We can swear all by ourselves!!!!!!!

  • I know what you mean about taking ages to do things, it took me ten minutes today to hoover two stairs!!!!! xxxxx

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