Claim to fame.... Ready Steady Cook!!!!!

Claim to fame.... Ready Steady Cook!!!!!

Feeling a bit low today, had a water leak in my boiler yesterday, cost me £60 I couldn't afford now my washing machine kaput. Got a banging headache so feeling a bit sorry for myself... but hey, there are people worse off than me! So I thought I would cheer myself up by watching the Ready Steady Cook I was on in 1998 and laugh at my hairstyle!!!

Thought I would post a picture of me, Fern Britten and Phil Vickery, who was my chef. I didn't win, but had a great time and came home with a hamper, though it was blumin heavy to carry!

Anyway, going to have a lay down and watch Jeremy Kyle, and veg for the day. Think I have probably been doing too much the last few days and its got the better of me....

Sending everyone a huge gentle hug today, and wishing you an easy day too xx as Diddle would say... love to you all!!!

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  • oh bless ya, why do expensive things all happen at once. :( what a great way to cheer your self up. how cool use to love that programme. have a nice chilled day, take care lou x x

  • If you would like a copy - inbox me your address and will post you a DVD!

    Wish it was still on... much better than a lot of the so called cookery programmes we have today.... :-)

  • I so agree Misskitty i used to love those programmes, there are so many cookery shows on nowadays but none as fun. And i adore phil vickery. Good for you deciding on veg out day. I have to do my bathroom, (boys really dont know how to clean lol) but i have planned on a tv day as well.

    My washing machine, freezer went at the same time i couldnt afford but we have alovely man here who rents them and fixes any problems free of charge, i now pay £20 a month for 2 items and after a while he upgrades.

    So you have a great chill out day. xx

  • You're right about boys not being able to clean... mines 53 and he still doesn't do it how I want!!!!

    Hope you get your chill out day to sweetie xxx :-)

  • wow thats so cool :) xxx

  • woo look at you on the telly lol well done what a great experience that must have been and happy memories how lovely thanks for sharing pic its great love to all diddle xx

  • Oh always watched that programme so probably saw you on it lol. I watch Jeremy Kyle too, I get such a laugh out of that programme, wouldn't have the face to go on there and discuss some of the problems he gets to talk about though, imagine!!.

    Hope you feel better for vegging out today, take care, Angela x

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