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Power naps or slug naps

Ok best way i could think of :-)

My hubby always says ' just have a power nap it'll do you world of good'!

He has them often and feels great ! And everyone i know says same thing.

So is it me or something else as i only sleep if what i called urgent as i fight alll the time no matter what but theres times i must sleep and guarentee i wake worse!!

I always have i never known a time yet i have woken feeling 'refreshed'

So i avoid daytime time sleeps like plague which i suppose is reason neurologist says i suffer severe sleep deperavation as my body gets weak too (its weak anyway)

I sleep on a night and takes me forever now to wake it used to be the opposite so bouncy and bubbly in mornings . Puh

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Power naps are good but i was advised to only sleep for 45 mins overwise you will feel worse. Sometimes I just have to sleep whether I want to or not .. it just takes over.

I'm the same in the morning , sluggish and mongy .. hate it



Hi jacblack .

I have no choice sometimes if i have to sleep i do.

I was always always very hyper in the morning but now just takes me a while not just fatigue but the body , guess like anyone once up its ok.

I am going through a good sleep phase at moment (watch out i be posting tomoro saying i never slept) :-/

I feel like a nap now yet must keep going xx


Hi hun,

If and when you have a power nap, don't sleep for any longer than 20 mins (set a beeping timer to wake you up) as when the the timing gets to half hour your body goes into the deeper stage of sleep, it can be a bit of a shock to system waking up from it.

I'm sorry you feel so horrendous in the mornings, I can relate to you there.

Sending you refreshing (((hugs)))

wanderingwallflower xx


I also feel worse unless I have at least a 4 hour nap then I am feeling a bit more refreshed then a usually do after a good nights sleep of 7 hours. I watched a documentary on the BBC about sleep and apparently back in the Medieval times we used to sleep in 2 halves. We would go to sleep for 4 hours, then get up for 2 hours and socialize with our friends and family then go back to sleep for a further 4 hours. So I do worry as much no when I do this (as its quite common for me to do this). But yeah if I have a few minutes sleep I feel worse too.


Sleep seems to be central to my condition. At my best I can get 8 hours but not from 11pm. like normal people. I can't fall asleep and I can't wake up. I fight sleep constantly during to day. I used to have no choice....I'd sit down and I'd be asleep. There was no control. I can't use alarm clocks. Waking suddenly like that seems to cause an adrenalin rush . I get migraine symptoms. With or without a headache ! Visual shimmers let me know its there. Changing my diet has helped a lot, but if I'm heading into a crash the first thing that goes is my sleep. Then my weight increases. Anything up to 8 pounds increase, which I can only assume is a fluid retention.

I'm still convinced this is a toxic response coming from a leaky gut. I feel very much alone with this. I research constantly. Doctors just say go to bed earlier. Go to bed at the same time every day regardless of what's going on. Powernap, but don't fall asleep during the day. For me its all rubbish. Something is causing these symptoms but with no availble tests or GP support there's only guesswork and trial and error.

Sorry this is quite negative for me.... I'm just tired of it, and sick of being told by family that I'm lazy and stupid for being up so late......


I feel your pain Stepper last night I could not get to sleep. Finally fell asleep at 4am had to be up at 9am but just couldn't get up now I have missed college again! I kept going to the doctors time and time again, they would tell me to go to bed earlier, get up at the same time everyday regardless of what time I went to sleep to try and push my body into a routine, they said try hot baths, warm milk, relaxing before bed, read a book etc etc. I just more and more frustrated! Then one day I went to the doctors and cried I had, had 2 hours sleep a night for the past 5 nights it sounds bad but I couldn't take it anymore I begged for something to be done. He put me on Amitriptyline 10mg to start with but not effect then he increased it to 25mg never looked back since I have 7 hours of sleep per night when I remember to take it (didn't remember last night till 2am) and yes I am still tired but not half as bad as I used to be.

I hope that you too can find something that helps you! You are not lazy your just not like other people.


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