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where do i go from here ?

I was diagnosed with fibro in april after going back and forth to docs for 7 years.(they thought i was making everything up).all docs have ever done for me is give me painkillers and antidepressants which never really fed up fighting there anything i could try other than the medication.i would be grateful for any help you could suggest.thanks

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Hello alimo

yes there are other things you can do, My advice would be to stay on the anti-depressants though as they help keep your serotonin levels up (it may take a try of a few before you find the right one)

also if you are feeling low or depressed CBT can help (contact your local womens centre or go through your GP)

hypnotherapy really helped me deal with the changes and helped me accept things are different. I have found that when my mood is low I suffer more aches and pains.

Also massages are good (they hurt in places but it breaks down the knots and relaxes muscles) I found them to be great to help me move better.

hot baths, wheat bags help too

also I do meditation/visualization, chakras and gentle stretch yoga all help me.

I have recently been looking into diet to help too, we seem to be deficient in a lot of vitamins and minerals ask you GP to check you vitamin D levels, mine are very low and I have bought myself a therapy SAD's lamp to help with that.

hope something her helps

Oh I found that a book called 50 things to do today to manage fibromyalgia by Wendy Green to be very helpful to begin with, I got it at the library and took notes of the things I wanted to research or remember. I prefer the holistic route and only take meds when really needed. My best advice to you is to try anything and everything as some people react differently to meds, treatments etc

feel free to message me if you want any other info


I also prefer as much of a holistic approach as I can. Although I do take quite a bit of medication, I have begun T'ai Chi & yoga, they both are surprisingly helpful with co-ordination & balace. They have also helped in learning to stil my mind & for me meditation really helps! I drink very little caffeine & no alcohol. But I think that it's just trial & error.

good luck x


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