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Some times my replies disappear

I have noticed that some times when I reply

To people on here that my replies just disappear

Is it because what I write is not likes

Do I put things that I should not put

Or is it one of those things

My latest one was today, maybe it's me

And I don't push the reply it may be fibro

Fog and I only think I have answered and

In fact have not.

Oh we'll what ever, I know this has happened

To other people so maybe it's just fibro thickness

And I have not done things correctly

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Hi Viv, :)

It might just have something to do with teething problems in the site. Although I know how frustrating it as well as the confusion with the fog. I know it's easier for me to say than when you to do. But when you're really stuck, type/copy your replies in a word doc or something similar before sending them.

This is what I do sometimes. This helps to clear things up in my mind and means I can resend a reply if for whatever reason it has disappeared..(also don't forget to name the topic of the reply, or the name of the blog/question/user etc to make it easier later on).

Please also be aware that..for me at least..sometimes replies disappear & come back later. For example for me this happens when I 'refresh' the page. Although it might take a couple of times.

I'm sure it's not because you've done anything wrong. This happens to me too. And I've read other various complaints about it. Hopefully the Healthunlocked team will make a note of it and begin to resolve the issue.

Best wishes and gentle hugs. :) xx

..sorry it took so long for you to get an answer!


How do you know..... Stares in admiration....I have noooo idea what I replied too or when so would have no idea if any went... I guess I would only know if every post I ever wrote got deleted .. Then I might notice...

VG x


I expect you are right. Very grumpy, I thought that I wrote

A reply to some one this morning I was in bed so I may have

Been dreaming, and some times I reply but can't remember

Who I have replied to, I always remember you as your name

Makes me chuckle

I expect I have forgotten I just hoped that if I had replied

It was not taken off because I had said the wrong thing

As that is so easy to do.

Any way it's not important just wondered that is all

Viv x


It happens sometimes to me when I just can't get the message through.

Occasionally messages do seem to get lost in the ether - it isn't Admin or anyone deleting them it is just a glitch in the software somewhere .... annoying isn't it?

Julie xx


Sometimes you can retrieve your message if it just disappears by hitting the back arrow at the top of your browser and your message then reappears. It doesn't always happen, but most times it does. Give it a try and hopefully it will work for you! :) Fingers' crossed!


I must agree with a lot of the members.Although this is a great site with help full people (our friends) the site needs to be more user friendly.I try to reply to helpers to thank them for advice,and the site goes all over the place.Can any one explain how to use this site.I Thank you all for your advice and comments with my COPD


Hi Bill this is a post from a year ago, there have been lots of changes since then, with the launch of the new platform etc., a while back, but I think the site has improved hugely and I know for a fact that the techies are working to make it work even more smoothly all the time. The only thing a lot of us have an issue with is this "Read Next" bit which as you have experienced, takes us back to things that are not recent and probably have lost their relevance to the situation as it is now. However, if you are having problems of any description do let either the volunteers or the moderators know and I am sure they will try to sort your problem out as quickly as they can !!

Foggy x


Hello Bill76,

Thank You for your comment however I think you may have posted this in a different community forum from the one you have been using.

We are the FibroAction community forum for people living with Fibromyalgia and you have mentioned COPD. I wonder did you mean to post this in the British Lung Foundation community, link below;

If you wish to have help to navigate the community you are welcome to read our pinned posts 'How to navigate the site' before you click back into the British Lung Foundation if you would like to, as they may be of help;

To help with how to reply, if you wish to comment to the original post you use the 'Submit my reply' box under the read next section and if you want to thank people individually for the comments you click on 'Reply to this' in the comment box of the reply.

Hope this helps

Emma :)

FibroAction Administrator


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