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do you miiind???... lyrics changed! .. I Throw my hands up in the air some times

I wanna celebrate and live my life if fibro can letttttt goooooo

i told you once now i told you twice you are like dynamiiite,

cos it goes on and on and on and onnnnnn yeahhhh

I throw my hands up in the air some times

i wanna celebrate and live my life!!!

so fibro can you let goooooo

i gonna take it allll like i be the last one standing, i be the last one landing and II IIIIiiiiiiiiii (eye)

put your hands in the air ^^^^^^^^

i throw my hands up in the air sometimes

fibro can you let me goooo

cos i told you once, now i told you twice like its Dynamite

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like this, nice adaptation of a good song xxx soma


Very good Fairycazzie! :)


Think needs some more words theres only a chorus by the looks lol



Vey good hunnie XX


Very good keep at it you never know you could go pro


Brilliant and inspiring! xx


I like the way you think!! I must remember this next time it's getting me down.....

Thank you for sharing

S xx


Hey Mr fibro i think your going in sane

Why do you have too cause all this pain,

You know you try to take off my hands,

You wanna stamp on my body and laugh,

You kepp on coming and you won't let go,

So your funny only i gunna explode,

Your like a volcano that flows through my veins,

Only i'll get you and chill on my bed, relax for the night and put you to rest !

So go in your hole you thick flowing glow,


Brilliant x


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